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36th Annual Computer Problem Solving Contest!

April 26, 2024 - Harrisburg Campus


Participating schools are to be represented by teams of no more than three students each. Our facilities restrict us to the accommodation of no more than twenty (20) teams; however, we urge schools to submit two teams, a first team and an alternate team. After all registrations for first team entries have been processed, we will accept alternate teams from schools submitting them, based on earliest online registration time stamp. Registration is now online. Make sure you receive an email confirming your registration.

The contest will consist of five to seven problems from a variety of applications. Solutions will be scored according to the following three criteria:

  1. Output - Is it completely correct and functional?
  2. Style - Is it structured, efficient, and fluid?
  3. Documentation - Is the program easy to understand?

Each team will be required to provide their own computer and a grounded extension cord. The use of the internet, manuals or textual materials of any kind will not be allowed! We will provide pencils and scratch paper for the teams to use for the design and coding of their solutions prior to solution implementation. Students will be allowed to implement the solutions to the problems in either BASIC, Visual Basic, Pascal, C/C++, Java, or Python.  

Prizes to be awarded include:

  • A school trophy for the first place team
  • School plaques for each of the second, third, and fourth place teams
  • Individual plaques for each of the team members on those teams earning school awards.

For more information, please contact Matthew Pragel, HACC associate professor of mathematics, at 717-780-2364 or

Register here!

Registration is open Feb. 1 - March 29, 2024 or until space is filled.

2024 Computer Problem Solving Contest
April 26, 2024



8:30-9 a.m.

Arrival, registration and set-up

9-9:10 a.m.

General meeting for all participants

9:10-11:30 a.m.

Computer contest

11:15-11:30 a.m.

Begin submission of contest materials

11:30-11:45 a.m.

HACC Admissions presentation


This contains a description of the criteria to be used for evaluating the programs submitted by the student teams; these criteria are based on the current literature and thought concerning desirable aspects of good programming style.

Programs will be evaluated according to the following criteria:





  • The results must be correct as specified by the problem definition; additionally, sufficient sample runs should be submitted to verify that correctness of results is maintained under all possible conditions.
  • Page headers, column headers, and descriptive text should be provided so that the meaning of the results can be understood by interested parties with little difficulty.
  • Output data should be formatted for a "clean" appearance and readability.

20 points


  • The code and underlying algorithm should be as uncomplicated as possible; that is, simplistic, clear, and direct. Exotic algorithms are to be avoided.
  • Each of the functional units required for obtaining the solution to the problem should be coded as physically distinct units; each of which will perform one step of the algorithm.
  • The logical flow of execution should indicate an awareness of structured design with minimal use of the branching construct (GOTOs).

20 points

Internal Documentation

  • The purpose of the program should be stated clearly and concisely at the beginning of the program.
  • Meaningful variable names should be used and a variable table should be provided that gives the name of each variable used and the information that each variable represents.
  • Comments should be included to indicate the major logic breaks and to describe the purpose of each functional unit encountered at each logic break.

20 points


High School



Middletown High School

Blue Raiders:
Christian Burke-Bowman
Ryder Webster
Justin Yohn


Conrad Weiser High School

First Team:
Cody Reeser
Adam Reifsnyder
Van Wirebach


Conrad Weiser High School

Alternate Team:
Oliver De Leon
Nate Rickert
Mark Yazemboski


Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

PWHS Team 2:
Fatima Alsammak
Matt Dolin
Jake Valentine


1. Middletown High School – Blue Raiders
2. Conrad Weiser High School – First Team
3. Conrad Weiser High School – Alternate Team
4. Plymouth Whitemarsh High School – Team 2
5. Emmaus High School – Team #2
6. Hershey High School – Team 1
7. Plymouth Whitemarsh High School – Team 1
8. Central Dauphin High School – CD-2
9. Ephrata High School – Mountaineers II
10. Emmaus High School – Team #1
11. Annville-Cleona High School – Red1
12. Ephrata High School – Mountaineers


High School



Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

David Garcia
Hana Kenworthy
Ben Lubas


Emmaus High School

Binary Bees:
Bradley Klemick
Millan Patel
Tien Pham


Hershey High School

Team #1:
Seth Corbin
Levent Batakci
Maxwell Potter


Ephrata High School

Mountaineers A:
Caleb McKinney
Colin Robson

Nick Hoopes


1. Plymouth Whitemarsh High School – PWHS A
2. Emmaus High School – Binary Bees
3. Hershey High School – Team 1
4. Ephrata High School – Mountaineers A
5. Elizabethtown High School – Team 1
6. Elizabethtown High School – Team 2
7. Hempfield High School
8. Ephrata High School – Mountaineers B
9. Emmaus High School – Hornets
10. Hershey High School – Team 2


High School


Emmaus High School


Emmaus High School


Conrad Weiser High School

Fourth Hershey High School


First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Fourth Place


Plymouth Whitemarsh Hershey Emmaus Elizabethtown Area


Plymouth Whitemarsh Plymouth Whitemarsh Elizabethtown Area New Oxford


Conrad Weiser Elizabethtown Area Conrad Weiser Hershey


New Oxford Emmaus Annville-Cleona West Perry


Annville-Cleona New Oxford Plymouth Whitemarsh Hempfield


New Oxford Annville-Cleona West Perry Conrad Weiser and Emmaus (Tie)


West Perry Lebanon Hershey Emmaus


Emmaus Conrad Weiser West Perry Emmaus


Susquenita Annville-Cleona Conrad Weiser Conrad Weiser


Conrad Weiser Hershey Elizabethtown Hershey


Elizabethtown Hempfield Conrad Weiser West Perry


Hempfield Cumberland Valley West Perry Elizabethtown


West Perry Cumberland Valley Hempfield Conrad Weiser


Conrad Weiser West Perry Cumberland Valley Cumberland Valley


Cumberland Valley Elizabethtown Cumberland Valley Conrad Weiser and West Perry (Tie)


West Perry Cumberland Valley East Pennsboro Conrad Weiser


Elizabethtown West Perry Elizabethtown Cumberland Valley


Ephrata West Perry Elizabethtown Annville-Cleona


Cumberland Perry AVTS Elizabethtown and West Perry (Tie)   Annville-Cleona


West Perry Cumberland Valley Cumberland Perry AVTS Ephrata


Cumberland Valley Hempfield West Perry Cumberland Valley


Cumberland Valley Cumberland Valley Lower Dauphin Lebanon


Cumberland Valley Lebanon Shippensburg West Perry


Elizabethtown Bishop McDevitt Lower Dauphin Bishop McDevitt
1990 Bishop McDevitt West Perry Red Land Bishop McDevitt
1989 West Perry Elizabethtown Cumberland Valley Bishop McDevitt
1988 Hershey Hempfield Cumberland Valley West Perry
1987 Elizabethtown Red Land Cumberland Valley Hempfield
1986 Solanco Central Dauphin York Suburban Cumberland Valley
1985 Solanco Cumberland Valley Mechanicsburg Central Dauphin
1984 Red Land Lower Dauphin Camp Hill Mechanicsburg