Programs And Courses

Please see the matrix below for answers regarding the most frequently asked questions about HACC’s noncredit Workforce Development courses.



How do I register for a Workforce Development noncredit course?

Methods of registration for Workforce Development noncredit courses include telephone, in person, online or mail:

  • Call the HACC Noncredit Registration Office at 717-780-2414.
  • If you would like to register in person, please complete this form (pdf) and bring it to the nearest HACC Welcome Center with your payment.
  • You may also register online by selecting the “Register” button under the specific course or program listing on the website.
  • Mail the complete this form (pdf) with a check to:
    HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College
    Attn: Welcome Center
    One HACC Drive
    Harrisburg, PA 17110

    Please note: We will NOT accept credit card information through the mail. Payment must be via check or money order.
Who can register for Workforce Development noncredit courses? Advertised Workforce Development noncredit courses are open to the general public. Some courses or programs may require prerequisites or a minimum or maximum age to participate. These requirements are included under each course or program description.
When can I register for a Workforce Development noncredit course?

When a Workforce Development noncredit course is advertised, registration is open to the public.

The deadline for registration is until the course:

  • Start date or other published registration deadline
  • Maximum capacity is reached (whichever comes first)

It is the choice of each individual College department if a waiting list for their specific course(s) is created.

It is recommended you register promptly for a Workforce Development noncredit course. Many courses fill up quickly. By waiting too long, you also run the risk of a course being canceled without your enrollment.

Do I have to pay now? By what method can I pay?

Noncredit workforce development programs/courses vary in length and cost. Most programs/courses require payment in full at time of registration; however, some are eligible for financial aid or payment plans.

Please note the contact information within the specific program/course listing or contact to be directed to a program coordinator to discuss your financial needs.

Private loan information may be found at

Private loan information for financial aid eligible programs may be found at

Payment may be in the form of HACC accepted credit cards (MasterCard, Discover or Visa), personal check, money order or cash.

Tuition may be billed to third party payers (Example: an employer) with a formal written permission to bill request.

Are there any discounts for residency or for senior citizens? No discounts are available for residency or for senior citizens.
Do I have to pay the HACC admission fee to take a Workforce Development noncredit course?

No. The admission fee is only for students taking credit courses.

You do not need to complete a HACC admissions application for Workforce Development noncredit courses. Please simply register using one of the above methods.

Why do you need my date of birth (DOB), home address, full name and phone numbers?

All Workforce Development noncredit course participants are entered in our system as HACC students, and every course you take at HACC will appear on your official transcript.

It is very important that we do not duplicate IDs. We need all your personal identification in order to thoroughly search more than 50 years of records.

Your confirmation letter will include your official HACC ID. This number, which begins with an “H”, should be used to register for future HACC credit and noncredit courses.

We will mail a confirmation letter to every student, and we may occasionally need to contact you regarding a course change or cancellation.

For these reasons, we need your current address and phone number(s).

Where should I park?

If your course is on a HACC campus, Workforce Development noncredit students may park in any HACC public parking lot.

A parking pass is not required. However, please do not park in restricted parking areas – Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access parking, etc. – without proper authorization.

Do I need an ID card? Most Workforce Development noncredit students do not need, nor receive, a HACC ID card. It is recommended that students carry valid driver’s license or similar personal identification while attending course.
Where is my course held?

Upon registration, you will be given a confirmation letter which lists your:

  • Course title(s)
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s)
  • Instructor(s)
  • Location(s)

Please review this confirmation letter and contact HACC Workforce Development staff if you need clarification at or 717-780-2414.

It is recommended that you check the campus map for your classroom location before you arrive at the campus, especially after hours, since there may be limited staff on hand to assist you.

Some courses are held off campus. In this case, you will be provided with a street address of the location on the confirmation letter.

Please note: Your confirmation letter will list ALL the Workforce Development noncredit courses (past,present and future) you’ve registered for during the current fiscal year (July 1-June 30).

What about books for Workforce Development noncredit courses?

In some cases, books are included in the tuition and will be provided on the first day of course.

If books are to be purchased separately, the title and ISBN will be indicated on the confirmation letter, and they will be available at HACC bookstores.

Will I get a refund if I drop out?

Traditional and Instructor Led/Blended Classes

Any student who wishes to drop a course may do so by visiting any of the campus Welcome Centers or by calling 717-780-2414. These requests must be made no less than one calendar day prior to the first class meeting date to be eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees (except for any tuition or fees noted as nonrefundable).

Unless otherwise specifically stated or approved, no refund will be issued after a course-start date.

We do not issue partial refunds in the event that a student starts a course late or does not complete the course.

Students receiving Title IV financial aid will be subject to the federal regulations regarding withdrawal of courses. Financial aid eligibility will be recalculated based on dates of participation in financial aid-eligible programs.

100% Online/Self-Paced Classes

Any student who wishes to drop a course may do so by submitting a request through the help ticket system here. These requests must be made no less than five (5) calendar days after purchase, but prior to accessing the class to be eligible for a full refund of tuition and fees, except for any tuition or fees noted as nonrefundable. Unless otherwise specifically stated or approved, no refund will be issued after accessing the online/self-pace class. We do not issue partial refunds in the event a student does not complete the class. Students receiving Title IV Financial Aid will be subject to the federal regulations regarding withdrawal of classes. Financial Aid eligibility will be recalculated based on dates of participation in financial aid eligible programs.

We are unable to offer refunds once you have logged into the course.

Online Class Timeline Policy

Access to complete the course is limited to ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. After 90 days you will be considered unsuccessful and be graded as such. You may request an extension by submitting a help ticket here.

Will I get a refund if the course cancels? If HACC cancels a course, training, seminar, conference, trip or tour, all paid participants will receive a 100% refund of all tuition and fees.
Why would a course be canceled?

All courses have a:

  • Maximum enrollment limit beyond which no additional students may be added
  • Minimum class size that must be reached before a course will be taught

These limits vary depending upon the nature of the course and the available instructional space.

If the minimum class size is not reached, the course will be canceled. If a course is canceled, it is typically done so two-to-three business days before the course-start date. It is important that interested parties register before that time.

A class may be canceled due to a situation with an instructor or class location. Every effort will be made to reschedule the class in this circumstance. Students will be promptly contacted as soon as a situation becomes apparent. A class may also be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Please sign up for e2Campus updates. E2Campus is HACC's free, collegewide alert system.

HACC reserves the right to do the following at its discretion:

  • Add or delete a course
  • Change times, locations, fees or instructors

We make every effort to contact a student when a class is canceled or changed.

It is important that you provide us with current phone numbers and/or email addresses. We will leave phone messages if we cannot reach the student.

Can I use the gym, check out books from the library or use the computer lab?

Only Workforce Development noncredit students participating in certain courses (examples: sports/fitness, massage therapy, police academy, etc.) may use the gym and only during their scheduled class time(s). Students must sign in at the gym’s front desk before their class.

A Workforce Development noncredit student may use the HACC library but currently cannot check out books.

The computer lab is not open to Workforce Development noncredit students.

The usage fee for these above facilities is included in a credit student’s tuition; Workforce Development noncredit students are not charged this fee.

Why are some courses offered at one campus and not another?

The following are factors which help to determine a course location:

  • Local interest in a subject matter
  • Qualified instructor availability
  • Appropriate course location availability

We are continually investigating new ideas and locations for courses. We appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have. You can e-mail such ideas to