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Greatest Need

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At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, the successes of our continuing and future students and the community are our top priorities. Challenges like poverty, shortages of frontline medical workers and barriers to inclusivity sometimes seem too big to tackle. However, you can directly combat these challenges by supporting these practical and impactful projects.

The following projects will have a ripple effect on our students and community for generations. As a compassionate supporter, you can help our youth and community by donating to one or more of these life-changing projects by clicking on the links below.

To explore other initiatives to support students, please visit hacc.edu/Excellence.

Thank you!

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Projects That Need Funding:



Establishing a First-Generation Scholarship will provide critical support to specifically help first-generation college students at HACC.

incarceration Greatest Need


The Re-entrants, Inside-and-Out Program at HACC will prepare re-entrants for successful employment during and after incarceration.

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Providing top-notch equipment for HACC’s healthcare programs is contributing to the success of future healthcare professionals and the effectiveness of our community’s healthcare systems.



Increasing enrollment in HACC’s Dental Hygiene Program will allow more students to be trained, combat shortages in the workplace and serve more community members.

poverty Harrisburg Greatest Need


The Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in the Harrisburg City Community Project will provide a straightforward way to help to end poverty in Dauphin County.

English language Greatest Need


The English as a Second Language (ESL) Bridge to College Program will help prepare English-language learners to enter college.

poverty Lancaster Greatest Need


The Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in the Lancaster County Community Project will provide a straightforward way to help end poverty in Lancaster County.

Fully-Funded Projects:

jr first responder club Greatest Need


A junior first responder club will allow HACC to recruit, engage and provide a possible career pathway for students in middle school or early high school.

HACC Trains Heroes


The EMS Simulation Project at HACC will prepare students in HACC's Emergency Medical Service programs to save lives through training on state-of-the-art simulation equipment.