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Harrisburg Fund for Excellence

Harrisburg Promise Fund for Excellence


About the Fund

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, is committed to providing academic opportunities for all students regardless of their background or economic status. Sadly, many young students from underprivileged neighborhoods throughout our community face significant social and financial hardships that can make a college education seem impossible. That is why HACC is proud to partner with the City of Harrisburg and the Harrisburg Housing Authority to offer the Harrisburg Promise.

With the Harrisburg Promise, students can begin to explore career opportunities and their own college readiness, better preparing them to overcome obstacles they may face in their academic journey. However, technology and best practices are constantly changing. To ensure that these students can achieve their academic and life goals, HACC has created the Harrisburg Promise Fund for Excellence.


YOUR support can fund innovative initiatives like:

  • Monthly Workshop Curriculum Enhancements and Materials – It is difficult to keep the curriculum interesting and interactive while remaining challenging to ensure that students are receiving the best education. These funds will allow HACC to use a curriculum workgroup to research and design highly interactive, middle and high school age-appropriate lessons and activities for the students to participate in when they visit HACC’s Harrisburg Campus each month
  • Program Expansion – There are schools located in underprivileged neighborhoods that could truly benefit from participating in the Harrisburg Promise. However, due to limited resources, HACC has not been able to partner with every interested school district. These funds will allow HACC to change the lives of more middle and high school-aged students in Central Pennsylvania.
  • Business and Industry Partnerships – HACC and the Harrisburg Promise will partner with local business and industry experts to present workshops and trainings to Harrisburg Promise participating students. Furthermore, these funds will allow students to travel off campus to these companies and begin to explore their academic goals and aspirations.
  • Harrisburg Promise E-Sports Team – E-Sports could help students connect with others and learn valuable skills to prepare them for their journey to College.

Supporting the Harrisburg Promise means more than assisting one student. When you support the Harrisburg Promise Fund for Excellence, you are uplifting an entire community of economically disadvantaged students who might not otherwise be able to achieve their academic and life goals.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at foundation@hacc.edu.

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"They are helping us understand what we want to do in life. They help us picture our future and imagine what we’ll be in the future. We’re learning!” - Harrisburg Promise Student