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Global Fund for Excellence

Global Education Fund for Excellence


About the Fund

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, regularly serves a high number of international students. Many of these students face obstacles to success, such as language barriers and cultural differences, and need additional support, including tutoring and mentoring.


The Global Education Fund for Excellence will help international students by supporting innovative ideas to make their adjustment easier, such as:

  • Providing student mentors for international students – HACC students will be trained to guide and assist international students in their transition into U.S. higher education.
  • Offering an international student college success course – This course is offered to all HACC students to ensure success. Offering a section geared toward international students would truly help their transition to college.
  • Helping students experience the U.S. and build leadership skills – Students will travel the U.S. during spring break to volunteer with community organizations dedicated to education, health, social justice and civic responsibility and learn servant leadership, teamwork and communications skills.

In a society that is becoming more dependent on global awareness, HACC is leading the charge by investing in its international students. YOU can help ensure that international students succeed at HACC by visiting hacc.edu/GiveNow to make a gift to the Global Education Fund for Excellence.

For more information on how you can help improve the education of our international students, please contact the HACC Foundation at foundation@hacc.edu.


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As an international student, HACC provides me with ease of integration while attaining my nursing degree. It caters to my demographic and has excellent staff who assisted me every step of the way from my initial application, to I-20 to student visa. The process was smooth, my adviser encouraged me and I felt like I would be okay at HACC, and I am!” - Elizabeth Owuond