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Fund for Workforce Excellence

Fund for Excellence for Workforce Development

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About the Fund

HACC is key to:

  • Providing opportunities for members of our community who are unemployed and underemployed
  • Allowing students to improve their skills, return to the workforce or begin a career
  • Providing much-needed training to corporations and their employees
  • Helping strengthen the economy in Central Pennsylvania By providing innovative programs and technology, the Fund for Excellence for Workforce Development will enhance and implement new programs to help meet our community’s workforce and economic development needs.

With YOUR support, HACC could provide students with equipment and opportunities to:

  • Expand Apprenticeships and Pre-Apprenticeship Offerings – Organizations are in a constant race to recruit new talent. HACC can help reward an organization’s current employees and increase an organization’s bottom line by offering pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeships allow organizations to keep the workforce on site while offering training to transform employees from unskilled to skilled.
  • Offer High School Seniors a Better Path – HACC is doing its part to educate high school seniors who choose to delay their college journeys by addressing the “skills gap” that exists in many industries.
  • Create Opportunities for English As A Second Language and GED Students – These programs allow individuals on the first step of the career ladder to find the resources they need to successfully transition into higher-paying positions. This “untapped” pool of employees could help organizations throughout Central Pennsylvania recruit new talent for the workforce.
  • Train First Responders and “Essential” Personnel – Essential workers in Central Pennsylvania provide services that are vital to helping our economy thrive and keeping our communities safe. These individuals have a direct impact on our organizations and economic well-being.

These programs allow members of our community and community partners to receive the training they need to enter or return to the workforce. You can help to bring those ideas and more to reality.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at foundation@hacc.edu.

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