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Fund for Teacher Excellence

Fund for Excellence for Teacher Preparation

About the Fund

Students interested in careers in early childhood education and care often need extensive education and real-world experience. Many students at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, are juggling multiple responsibilities. Taking unpaid time to obtain this experience and education can be difficult. The Fund for Excellence for Teacher Preparation supports students in the Early Childhood– Elementary Education Program and the Early Childhood Care and Education Program who are training to teach students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade.


With access to innovative programs and technology, we can provide our students with the tools and experiences they will need to be prepared for their careers. YOUR support can fund innovative initiatives like:

  • Advanced Technology for Students – Many students need to be well-versed in the use of Smartboards and iPads to succeed in their careers in education. By purchasing advanced technology and allowing students to use the resources, students will be better prepared to meet the technological demands of their career.
  • NEW Student Education Orientation Day – All HACC students enrolled in the Education Program are required to begin our program by obtaining compliance in five areas. Because this compliance requires funds and access to technology, many new students delay applying and completing these requirements. A Student Education Orientation Day would assist students in completing these items all at once and at a reduced cost while connecting with Education Program faculty prior to the start of the semester.
  • Field-Experience Mentor Teachers Program – When students begin their fieldwork, their experiences do not always match perfectly with the best practices that are taught in the classroom. The field-experience mentor teachers’ program would allow us to update mentors at different facilities so that our students can discuss how the lessons they learned in the classroom apply to that setting.

As the requirements increase for teachers in early childhood education and care, it is important for HACC to keep up with these expectations. YOU can ensure that HACC students graduating from these programs have the necessary experiences.

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