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Fund for Developmental Excellence

Fund for Excellence for Developmental Education

Funds for Developmental Education

About the Fund

At HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, we recognize that some students begin their college education unprepared for college-level classes. Developmental classes support students who need extra help before attending college-level classes.

The Fund for Excellence for Developmental Education provides support for students who require developmental education classes. By supporting these ideas and initiatives, students are can tackle their reading, writing and/or math deficiencies and begin the rest of their educational journey that will prepare them for a successful career.


HACC’s English as a Second Language program is undergoing a complete redesign as we strive to better serve our underprivileged students whose first language is not English. The HACC Foundation is supporting the design of one new four-credit English grammar course to help these students master the English language and enroll in academic programs at the College.

The tutoring center has been the most beneficial to me at HACC because I always loved the idea of being able to walk into the tutoring center without being embarrassed or feeling stupid and have someone proofread my paper or answer a few math questions. Everyone in the tutoring center [is] very caring and helpful.” - Emily Penner

What’s Next?

YOU can help students in need of developmental education by supporting the Fund for Excellence for Development Education to:

  • Expand In-class Tutoring – Eliminating the need for students to actively seek out a tutor, in-class tutoring ensures students accurately learn and retain the material so they can continue with courses that will prepare them for careers.
  • Create Micro Grants to Address Structural and Equity Challenges Related to Technology, Books, and Child Care – Many developmental students lack consistent access to resources that support academic success causing struggles and inequity. Receiving aid can be the difference between bright students succeeding or failing.
  • Migrate iTunesU Content in Developmental Math and English to all Formats – Free podcasts and courses related to developmental math and English and produced by HACC employees have supported hundreds of HACC students and thousands of users worldwide via iTunesU. Apple is discontinuing iTunesU, causing content to be less accessible to students. This initiative would allow HACC employees to develop their materials in alternate formats to continue providing students with the benefit of on-demand resources to assist in their learning.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at foundation@hacc.edu.

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