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Career development is a lifelong path. HACC provides vital resources wherever you find yourself along that path, from exploring majors and searching for jobs, to professional development and career advancement. Below are resources that aid in your career and major exploration, support your professional development and help you with the job search.

HACC’s career services team is here to help you explore, discover and connect at any point on your career path. 


Starting With You

Finding the career that’s right for you starts with identifying your interests, strengths and personality characteristics. Below are resources to help you learn a little more about yourself before jumping into your educational life at HACC and career search.

  • HACC’s Career Coach begins with an inventory of your interests. With those results in hand, you can explore potential career options and discover the educational path that can help you get there.
  • 16 Personalities learn your personality characteristics and how it aligns with careers. 
  • The VIA Institute’s survey lets you explore your strengths with this 12-minute quiz to discover the powerful qualities you already bring to the table and how they match up with potential careers.
  • Career One Stop is an all-in-one resource to evaluate interests and skills, assess what matters to you in a potential job and link you to possible careers, including employment data, salary ranges and what jobs are currently in demand.

Choosing a Major

Your time at HACC should focus on you. Choosing your major can be one of the biggest decisions toward that goal. Knowing what majors are available at HACC and what careers they may lead to can help you in this vital decision process.

  • HACC Library Guides on Career Exploration contain tons of resources, from interest profilers and task assessments to career databases and labor statistics to help you find a major that can carry you from your interests to a job you love.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? gives information on common career paths, types of employers that hire in the field and strategies to maximize opportunities for over 100 academic majors.
  • Learn How to Become… provides plans for how to enter your field of interest, including major recommendations.
  • HACC’s Suggestions for the Undecided Student (pdf) answers frequently asked questions for students who are struggling to choose a major.

Parallel Pathways

A parallel pathway is a second program of study that HACC students identify at the beginning of their educational journey. These give students more options in situations if they want or need to change their major.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, about 28% of associate degree-seeking students will change their major in the course of their educational career. Life changes, new discoveries, shifts in interests or selective criteria like minimum grade point average (GPA) or pre-entry exams are just a few of the reasons a student might change their major. With parallel pathways, you’ll be prepared to switch majors without losing credit, or adding time and money to your educational career.

Your parallel pathway options depend on your interests, values, strengths and other factors. Students interested in healthcare careers might identify a parallel pathway as a medical assistant, medical coding specialist, or physician office assistant. Students who want to work with children may pursue parallel pathways in early care and education or early childhood-elementary education. And those who want to earn a degree with a variety of transferable skills can establish parallel pathways in general studies or liberal arts.


Internships and Opportunities

HACC has partnerships and connections with dozens of local and national employers to offer internship and job recruitment opportunities to our students.

HACC’s career services platform, College Central Network, hosts an online job board with numerous internships and employment opportunities specifically for HACC students and alumni. Get tips to get started and answers to frequently asked questions (pdf).


Rock the Résumé, Ace the Interview

Career Services is always compiling helpful tips, strategies and resources to help you get your next job. Whether you're just starting or polishing up your cover letter, revising your résumé or prepping for the big interview, HACC is here to support you in your career path.

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