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Meet Keichsla: Early Childhood Education Student

“HACC has been an awesome experience for me and I am glad I decided to set my foot in the door of HACC.”

Keichsla Morales-Pena, a student at HACC’s Lebanon Campus, is working toward her degree in early childhood-elementary education, and the scholarship she earned is helping her get there.

Keichsla said that when she found out about her scholarship, she knew that she was on the “right path” in her academic career. She added, “By receiving a scholarship, it is such a burden off my shoulders with regards to my financial situation. It is an opportunity to continue my education here at HACC and provide me with a chance to be more involved and develop my confidence and acquire more leadership skills.”

College was not always on Keichsla’s mind, though. Just a few years ago, she “just wanted to get out of high school and be done.” Her academic advisor sent her an email about HACC and they had a conversation about her future. After some thought, Keichsla came back to her advisor’s office and said, “I want to go to college. I want to make a change.”

HACC is helping Keichsla make a life change that might not be possible otherwise. “If HACC was no longer an option for me I would be lost. Someone once said that by coming to HACC for two years and transfer to a 4-year university that I was doing it the smart way. It would change my life because I would feel like there is no way out.”

It is a privilege to be an accessible, affordable, high-quality choice for students like Keichsla who are changing their lives.

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Keichsla Morales-Pena, HACC early childhood elementary education student