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Student Government

All students are members of the Student Association. This association meets annually to elect the Student Government Association Officers at each campus. Learn more about student government.


What is the Student Government Association Executive Council (SGAEC)?

The Student Government Association Executive Council (SGAEC) serves as the representative voice of students. It represents students from all campuses. You can get a copy of the SGAEC Constitution in the SGA office at your campus.


What does the SGA do?

The SGA:

  • Provides students with a strong voice in the overall governance of HACC
  • Represents the entire student body
  • Works closely with all components of the HACC community. This includes the administration, Faculty Council and various HACC committees.
  • Ensures that HACC serves the interests and rights of all students


How can I get involved with SGA?

Contact your campus's SGA office if you are interested in getting involved.