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HACC Affinity Groups

What are Affinity Groups?

Formed around a shared identity, common goal, or mutual interest, HACC Affinity Groups serve as a platform for creating brave and welcoming spaces, fostering open and honest dialogue, and empowering partnerships across differences. All students are invited to join a group(s) that relate to your identity, experience, and lifestyle.

Current Affinity Groups:
Jewish Student Association
Latin Student Group
LGBTQ+ Student Union (LSU)
Men of Color
Military and Veteran Affairs
Second Chances (Reentry and Justice Involved Students)
Sisters of Color


Affinity Group Resources

I want to establish a new Affinity Group (email: mrdavis2@hacc.edu)
I want to request funds for my Affinity Group (email: mrdavis2@hacc.edu)
I want to reserve space on campus for Affinity Group programming or meeting (https://www.cognitoforms.com/HACC2/EventRequestForm)


Advisor Responsibilities and Expectations

The role of the Advisor is to help the group meet its stated goals. Some Advisors may play a very active role, attending meetings, working with student representatives, and assisting in program planning and development. Others may maintain a more distant relationship to the affinity group. It is expected that each Advisor will maintain some regular contact with their affinity group and be informed about activities and events of the group.

The Advisor should:

  • Review the group’s constitution, bylaws, and/or mission and goals to clearly understand its purpose and determine how they can best assist the group.
  • Work closely with the group's student representatives to address any issues or situations that warrant support and assistance.
  • Hold student representatives accountable for specific roles and tasks as mutually discussed and agreed.
  • Offer regular challenge and support to the group and its members.
  • Empower students to think both creatively and innovatively to engage the HACC community in a manner true to their group’s purpose/goals and which aligns with the OIDB mission and values.
  • Partner with AD of Student Involvement to develop higher level programming and affinity group initiatives.
  • Remain accessible to and interested in the success of the affinity group.

Some roles assumed by the Advisor may include: mentor, team builder, liaison, conflict mediator, resource referral, motivator.


Interested in joining an Affinity Group?



Affinity Council & Mission

Through a support network of advisors, allies and peers, HACC’s Affinity Council helps to promote a sense of belonging by:

  • Establishing a clear sense of purpose and meaning for the group
  • Creating intentional programming and events related to diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Offering opportunities to connect academically, socially, and professionally across all HACC campuses
  • Be as accessible as possible to all HACC students around the affinity topic or identity

Contact: jsa@hacc.edu

The Latin Student Affinity Group's mission is to create an unbiased community for HACC’s students and the Latinx community at large by defining values and expressing the importance of culture.

Contact: latinstudents@hacc.edu

The LGBTQ+ Affinity Group’s mission is to increase LGBTQ+ visibility and representation within the organization and community at large to address the exclusive issues facing the LGBTQ+ community and to provide support and mentoring opportunities to its members.

Contact: lgbtq+@hacc.edu

The Men of Color Affinity Group’s mission is to champion successful male students of color in retention increase and higher graduation percentages while making the collegiate body aware of diversity and equity within the organization.

Contact: moci@hacc.edu

The Military Veterans Affairs Affinity Group’s mission is to facilitate the inclusion of veterans, military members, and their families by supporting the recruitment, retention, comradery, and ongoing success of military veterans.

Contact: vaoffice@hacc.edu

The Second Chances Affinity Group's mission is to provide a safe space of support and a place of belonging for students who have been incarcerated or have family members who are or have been incarcerated.

Contact: secondchances@hacc.edu

Sisters of Color Affinity Group’s mission is to provide a comprehensive program with a sense of belonging for the students of color of HACC to share their trials, transparencies, and triumphs.

Contact: sistersofcolor@hacc.edu