Future students

Guest Student Enrollment Steps

We are excited for you to take classes as a guest student! You are considered a guest student if you are currently enrolled at another college and are taking courses at HACC. Guest students take HACC courses to fulfill their home institution's degree requirements.

Please note if you have taken classes with us within the past five years, you do not need to reapply. You may need to change your student type (for example, from dual enrollment to a guest student). Please contact our Welcome Center at onestopwc@hacc.edu to complete a change of major in your myHACC account if this pertains to you.

What should I do before I apply?

Before you apply to HACC as a guest student, please ensure your HACC credits will transfer by checking with your home college's advisor or registrar.


  1. Create an account and apply to HACC online.

  2. Wait for your acceptance email. After the application is submitted, you will receive an acceptance email within three to five business days.

  3. Use the directions in your acceptance email to activate your account.

  4. Activate your student email (HAWKmail).

  5. Log in to your myHACC student account to receive ongoing updates from the College through your HAWKMail.

For questions, please email start@hacc.edu or call 800-ABC-HACC and request to speak to the Admissions Department.

Please obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript from your home institution. The transcript must be submitted with the Guest Student Course Approval Form


  1. Note that HACC does not transfer credits in from other institutions for guest students. If you wish to transfer your credits from another institution to HACC, please apply as a transfer student.

  2. Contact your Welcome Center if you have questions about the course approval form or possible alternative documentation.

This Guest Student Course Approval form acknowledges that you meet the prerequisites for the course. Please note HACC’s approval does not mean your credits will transfer to your home institution. Please check with your home institution to verify that your HACC credits will transfer.

If you did not receive the form upon submission of your online application, please complete it now.


Please log in to myHACC to register for your classes. 

If you receive a "Prerequisite and Test Score Error" when attempting to register, please submit the Guest Student Course Approval Form (noted above).

For any questions, please contact your campus Welcome Center.

Guest students are not eligible for financial aid through HACC. A consortium agreement is a contract between two colleges and helps determine your financial aid eligibility. It also ensures that your financial aid is processed through your home institution.

Please request this agreement from your home institution, and send the completed agreement to financialaid@hacc.edu

The tuition and fees must be paid by the deadline for your enrollment to be complete. 

To pay your tuition, you may submit payment online through your myHACC portal.

Helpful information and resources include:

You’re almost ready! Now, it’s time to purchase your books online or at your campus bookstore for your first day. 

After your final grades are entered for your HACC course, please submit a request for HACC to send your official transcript to your home institution. 

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your myHACC portal

  2. Choose the “Registration and Records” tab

  3. Choose “Transcript/Information Request” in the Student Records box 

  4. Click “Request Official Transcript”

Thank you for joining the HACC community!