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Healthy Minds. Healthy Hearts. Healthfully YOURS.
HACC'S Tobacco-Free Campuses Initiative

The HACC Board of Trustees has approved a new initiative – "Healthy Minds. Healthy Hearts. Healthfully Yours." – which will move HACC to become a tobacco-free workplace at the start of the fall 2015 term.

Statement from Timothy L. Sandoe, Chairman, HACC Board of Trustees

"The HACC Board of Trustees is proud that HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, is going to join other employers in the region in providing a healthier, safe and productive work and learning environment for the entire College community and visitors to our campuses," said Timothy L. Sandoe, chairman of the HACC Board of Trustees. "Not only are we providing a healthy campus culture and sustainable environment, a tobacco-free campus better prepares our students to enter the workforce where many employers do not permit tobacco use."

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