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Honorary Degree Recipients

HACC has awarded honorary degrees of Doctor of Public Service (D.P.S.) to the individuals listed below.

Name Commencement or other Ceremony and Year
Hon. K. Leroy Irvis 1988
William King 1989
Gov. William Scranton 1990
Genevieve Blatt 1991
William Alexander 1992
Margarita Kerns 1993
Bruce Cooper and James Evans 1994
Sen. John Shumaker 1995
C. Ted Lick 1996
Hon. Stephen Reed 1997
Mary Sachs 1998
Rev. William Gray 2000 
Gov. George Leader 2001
Frank J. Dixon 2002
Ronald Hankey 2004
Grace Milliman Pollock and Robert L. Rubendall, Esq. Spring 2005
Robert A. Ortenzio Spring 2006
Velma A. Redmond Spring 2007
Benjamin D. James Convocation 2007
Marion C. Alexander Spring 2008
Benjamin Olewine III Winter 2008
Francis B. Haas, Jr. Spring 2009
Hasu Shah Spring 2010
Hon. James I. Scheiner Winter 2010
Donald Freedman, MD Spring 2011
Sen. Jeffrey E. Piccola Spring 2012
Greg King Spring 2014