HACC Students

Career Outcomes

The Career Services Unit tracks career outcomes to tell the story of what happens with our students after they complete their program. This information can be used in myriad ways. In our first phase of data collection to be concluded by December 2021, HACC is focusing on gathering information about graduates’ successful transition to a first destination, a build-out of top employers and job titles secured by our graduates, the skills that employers are seeking to fulfill from HACC candidates, and what discrepancies may exist for minority and underrepresented students.

That’s not the only story we’re here to tell! Career preparedness is an integral part of the mission statement of the Career Services Unit. Tracking career outcomes helps tell the story of how our team prepares our students for their future careers. 

In the Spring '21 semester, we launched a new first-destination data collection system to help track what happens with HACC graduates after completing.

88 percent completed the Exit Form

88% of Spring '21 graduates completed the Exit Form.
(65% is the national average.)

79 percent graduates were considered placed in their field

At the time of graduation, 79% of Spring '21 graduates were considered 'placed' in their field (ongoing ed and/or employed)


Top Programs

Top Transfer Location

How did students hearabout their job

Where are Spring 21 graduates working


In the academic year ’20-’21 our Career Education team:

met with 1639 students

Presented to 117 classes

Visited 100 percent of Spring 21 FS 100 classes

Conducted 89 careerreadiness workshops


In the academic year ’20-’21 our Internship & Experiential Learning Opportunities team:

Created and implemented the first-year build-out of collegewide Internship & Experiential Learning (IELOPs) Programming including semi-annual Internship Fairs, STEM Fests, and Internship Week.

number 630

Assisted 630 students secure
IELOPs for their CTE

number 135

Facilitated the posting of 135
internships for HACC
students collegewide.

number 25

Shared IELOP information
in 25 classroom presentations.

number 8

Designed and launched 8 new
recurring workshops to
disseminate info about
IELOPs to students.


In the academic year ’20-’21 our Employer Partnership team:

number 3500

Facilitated the posting of over 3,500 jobs forHACC students college wide.

number 846

Partnered with and added 846 new employers into CCN.

number 30

Organized and hosted 30 Career Fairs.

number 3x

Tripled thenumber of participating mentors.

New Student Worker

Designed and developed New Student Worker program.