HACC Students

Career Outcomes

The Career Services Unit tracks career outcomes to tell the story of what happens with our students after they complete their program. This information can be used in myriad ways. In our first phase of data collection to be concluded by December 2021, HACC is focusing on gathering information about graduates’ successful transition to a first destination, a build-out of top employers and job titles secured by our graduates, the skills that employers are seeking to fulfill from HACC candidates, and what discrepancies may exist for minority and underrepresented students.

That’s not the only story we’re here to tell! Career preparedness is an integral part of the mission statement of the Career Services Unit. Tracking career outcomes helps tell the story of how our team prepares our students for their future careers. 

In fall 2020, our Career Education team: 

Presented in 85% of FS ClassesEstablished 57 Faculty PartnershipsCoached Nearly 2,000 StudentsConducted 39 Workshops/Events



In fall 2020, our Employer Partnership team: 

Activated 1,694 Job Seekers in CNNRegistered 706 Employers in CCNHosted 11 Virtual Career FairsAssisted 133 Student Job Searches