Jason Dommel, M.A.

Job Locations & Development Coordinator

College attended: West Chester University, HACC, Temple University

Degree(s)/major: M.A. English - Writing, teaching and criticism; B.A. Psychology, A.A.  Biology

Interests and hobbies: I am interested in assisting others to find community, joy, and esteem in their vocational pursuits and I am thrilled to be able to connect students with meaningful employment opportunities. I am also an avid gardener, a writer, and a crafter of fine fermented hot sauce.

A note from Jason: AS a HACC alumnus, I am excited to be back in the community college scene. I thank HACC's career counseling for encouraging me to pursue a fulfilling education and career path. I cannot pay it forward as a member of the Career Development and Transfer Services team! 

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