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Computer Information Systems: Associate in Applied Science (AAS)  (1796)

Do you enjoy working with computer software, hardware and networks? HACC’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in computer information systems (CIS) is your next step to pursuing your passion. This program allows you to choose between three concentrations: support specialist, database analyst and business intelligence application developer


What can I do with this in the workforce?  

Once you earn your two-year degree from HACC, you may pursue an entry-level position in a business, computer consulting firm, educational institutions, government agency or healthcare organization.

Often, students seeking this type of degree enjoy:

  • Using computers and other electronic equipment
  • Thinking critically and using logic
  • Identifying problems and finding solutions


What is the average salary?

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What is HACC’s program like? 

Overall, our CIS professors will teach you how to work both individually and as a team member on computer projects. You have the choice to select from one of three concentrations: support specialist, database analyst and business intelligence application developer. Each concentration leads to different occupations in the computer technology field. We can help you choose a concentration that best matches your goals.

The concentrations designed to prepare students to:

  • Work individually and as team members on computer projects
  • Write and speak effectively
  1. Support specialist: Graduates can find careers as computer operators, help-desk analysts and technical support specialists. In our program, you will learn how to:
  • Manage and troubleshoot computer software, hardware and networks
  • Operate a help-desk support system
  1. Database analyst: Graduates can seek employment as database administrators, analysts and modelers. We will help you develop the ability to:
  • Manage database management systems
  • Develop a database system through an entire life-cycle
  1. Business intelligence application developer: Graduates can serve as application programmers, business analysts and data warehouse developers. Our program will prepare you to:
  • Perform analytical processing and data mining
  • Develop applications using programming and markup languages to support data analysis

All students must participate in a capstone experience prior to graduation. The capstone experience allows you to apply YOUR skills and complete an electronic portfolio.


What classes will I take?

  • View summaries of every course at HACC by browsing our class schedules database.
  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

Can I transfer my credits to a four-year college or university?

Yes! While the associate degree in computer information systems is designed to lead directly to employment, it is designed to be flexible enough to transfer to a variety of colleges and universities with no loss of credit. Each individual college has its own unique program. We encourage you to select a four-year school as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn the transfer college’s program requirements so you can take the proper classes at HACC.
Below is a list of potential colleges and universities in which you can transfer:

Albright College -Degree Completion Program: General Program Course Equivalencies (pdf)

Penn State Harrisburg: Information Sciences & Technology (pdf)

Penn State Harrisburg: Security & Risk Analysis (pdf)


Where can I complete this program?

You can complete the entire CIS program at our Harrisburg Campus by taking some courses through Virtual Learning. The support specialist concentration can be completed at the York Campus. This concentration may also be completed at the Lancaster Campus by taking courses through Virtual Learning. The database analyst concentration can be completed at the York Campus by taking some courses through Virtual Learning. Finally, the and business intelligence application developer concentrations can be completed through Virtual Learning.

Does HACC offer scholarships?

Yes! There are approximately 200 scholarships available through the HACC Foundation. We encourage you to learn more about the application process by visiting


When can I apply?

Conveniently YOURS, you can take classes in the spring, summer and fall. Apply today or anytime by visiting our website. Please use program code 1796 when submitting your application. The code is unique to this program and will ensure you enroll in the correct program.


How can I learn more?

No matter what your passion, we’ll help you select a concentration that gives you the skills you need to succeed in the computer technology field. To learn more, please contact our admissions counselors, department chair Kelley Engle or request more information online.