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HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, is hiring! Specifically, the HACC Office of College Advancement has positions available!

The Office of College Advancement team is unique in that we hire high-performers only. Our work environment is positive, team-oriented, supportive, drama-free and collaborative. We hold each other accountable and expect each other to work hard. While we are not perfect, we are perfect for each other.

On any given day, you may find us strategizing, brainstorming, singing, laughing and even dancing. We work very hard. However, we always take time to "play."

Here are the top 10 reasons to continue your career at HACC – serving on the Office of College Advancement team:

  1. The culture at HACC is supportive and family-oriented.
  2. The salaries, benefits and perks at HACC are quite generous. Your immediate family members can attend the College for free, and we get Fridays off during the summers.
  3. The five campuses are gorgeous.
  4. The HACC Foundation donors are very generous. The HACC Foundation has assets totaling more than $40 million.
  5. The students are incredibly engaged.
  6. There are many opportunities for professional development, growth and advancement at HACC.
  7. There are ample resources to achieve your professional goals.
  8. The College president is progressive, supportive and innovative. He values our profession and loves to fundraise.
  9. The vice president of college advancement is supportive, honest, ethical and high-performing. She loves to laugh.
  10. The College is on the pathway toward excellence.

Get to know a few members of our team!


Danielle Adams

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinator

Hannah Book

Graphic Designer

Jenn Boyd

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinator

Linnie S. Carter

Ph.D., APR, Vice President of College Advancement, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College
Executive Director, HACC Foundation

Megan Hoose

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinator

Cheryl Isaac

Executive Director of Community Engagement

Christina Kelley

Donor Relations Officer

Desovia Musson

Executive Director of Project Management and Administrative Services

Theresa Richwine

Executive Director of Website Resources

Pam Saylor

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinator

Melanie Wagner


Amanda Wilkins

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Coordinator

If you are interested in working with us, please review the position descriptions and apply. Also, please share this information with others who may be interested.

Join us! Many thanks!