Oct. 31, 2006
More than fifty local children will perform in the Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) presentation of The Little Mermaid on Saturday, November 18 at 2 and 4:30pm at Rose Lehrman Arts Center at HACC - Central Pennsylvania's Community College. MCT's The Little Mermaid is sponsored by PSECU. The media partner for this show is Central Penn Parent.

Community youth are invited to audition to be part of this week-long educational experience, learning from a professional acting team. Auditions for 50-60 performers and crew ranging in age/grade level from first grade (at least seven years old) through 12th grade (18 years old) will take place on Monday, November 13 at 4:30pm in the theatre of the Rose Lehrman Arts Center. Students should call the RLAC Box Office (231-ROSE) to pre-register. Among the many roles to be cast are: The Little Mermaid, Celia; her three sisters; Gill, the boy next door; the Royal family; poetic town criers; snoopy seasiders and galloping seahorses. Assistant directors will also be picked.

MCT's fresh adaptation of an ageless story features Celia, the little Mermaid who lives deep in the Sassafras Sea. Celia and her three sisters are allowed one visit to the world above on their 16th birthday to learn the secrets of dry land. Their discoveries include ferocious dragons, advancing armies, and, of course, a handsome and resourceful Prince Charming. Lots of music, plot surprises and laughs await the audience!

Missoula Children's Theatre, the nation's largest touring children's theatre, has been touring extensively for more than 30 years and will visit over 1,100 communities this year with 30 teams of tour actor/directors. A tour team arrives in a given town with a set, lights, costumes, props and make-up, everything it takes to put on a play...except the cast. The team holds an open audition and casts 50-60 local students to perform in the production. The show is rehearsed throughout the week and two public performances are presented on Saturday.

When MCT's "tour team" visits a community, it is generally for a week long residency where the cast has 20 hours to learn, rehearse and perform a full-scale musical production of a classical children's tale. All scripts and scores are original musical adaptations of classical tales. This year's team at HACC consists of Kepler Correia, a Montana native with four year's experience in MCT and Erin Brierty, touring with MCT for three years.

The Little Mermaid, the twelfth production by MCT at HACC, will be presented at 2 and 4:30pm on Saturday, November 18 at Rose Lehrman Arts Center. Tickets $10/$8C (children 5-12). Advanced ticket purchase is recommended. For information and ticket availability call the RLAC Box Office at (717) 231-ROSE (7673). RLAC Performing Artist Series is online at the Website below.

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