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Learn about HACC's Transportation and Logistics programs.

What Automotive Technology programs does HACC offer?


What Automotive State Certifications does HACC offer?

  • PA State Safety Inspection —$176.00
    This 12-hour course covers regulations and requirements for PA Safety Inspection of vehicles. You will become a certified and licensed Safety Inspection Technician upon successful completion of the written and practical exams.  An additional tactile test is $40.00.
  • Enhanced Emissions Inspection Certificate —$200.00
    This 16.5-hour course will certify automotive technicians as Pennsylvania Certified Emissions Inspection Technicians. You will learn to identify, describe and perform a visual and OBD II vehicle test. The test complies with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation guidelines. You will need to take written and computerized tactile tests to become a Pennsylvania Certified Emissions Inspector.
  • Pennsylvania Emissions Recertification —$87.00
    This four-hour course recertifies Emissions Inspection Technicians. 


What CDL programs does HACC offer?

HACC is an approved/certified third-party testing site for the PA Department of Transportation. HACC also administers the testing to others by appointment.


  • Class A & B CDL Programs
    Download CDL Programs Information (pdf). HACC's CDL Class "A" and Class "B" programs are designed to get students well trained and working. Our partnerships with some of the most reputable companies offer a smooth and seamless career pathway for motivated individuals seeking better opportunities. The classes are as follows:
    1. Class "A" Training is available in both "day" and "evening/weekend" classes. The cost is costs $5,100.
    2. Class "B" Training is two weeks.The cost is $2,995.

      The cost includes:
      - Textbooks
      - Drug and alcohol testing
      - DOT physical
      - Preparation assistance for permit testing
      - The CDL Skills Test

      You must schedule a visit with the CDL staff before registering for the program.

  • Refresher/Upgrade Training
    Download Refresher/Upgrade Training Information (pdf). HACC also offers CDL refresher/upgrade driver training. This training is for experienced Class "A" CDL drivers who have not driven a Class "A" vehicle within a period of time. This program also provides training for experienced Class "B" drivers. These Class "B" drivers often want to upgrade their license to a Class "A" license. This 40-hour program costs $2,100. Pre-requisite requirements: students must have passed their state permit tests for general knowledge and air brake at least 15 days prior to the start of class.

    You must schedule a visit with the CDL staff before attending the program.

  • CDL Manual Shifting
    This program is designed to give drivers, who have little or no experience shifting a non-synchronized transmission, the opportunity to spend personalized time with a driver-coach to perfect their shifting skills. This 10-hour program costs $600. Pre-requisite requirements: students must have a valid CDL license and valid ICC (DOT) physical.

    Please contact Tim Sanden at 717-221-1357 or e-mail tjsanden@hacc.edu for more information.

  • Third-Party Testing at HACC
    HACC's Transportation and Logistics program is a licensed Third-Party Testing Site for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Testing for commercial classes, "A" and "B," are available by appointment only. In addition, we also provide testing for passenger and school bus endorsements.The cost for testing with your equipment is $150. The cost for testing with HACC's equipment is $170. 

    Please contact Tim Sanden at 717-221-1357 or e-mail
    tjsanden@hacc.edu to setup an appointment.

  • Personalized CDL Contract Training (Tutoring)
    This hands-on course can be catered to meet the specialized needs of both company and/or personal growth. The cost for using your equipment is $75/hour. The cost for using HACC's equipment is $85/hour. 

    Please contact Tim Sanden at 717-221-1357 or e-mail
    tjsanden@hacc.edu for more information.

  • CDL for Diesel Mechanics Training 
    This hands-on course is for individuals needing their CDL as a method of advancement within their mechanical career. This 20-hour program costs $1,300.

  • Transportation and Logistics Contracted Programs
    HACC provides customized, affordable training for efficient, well-run transportation and logistics operations. We partner with diverse businesses in the region. Our experienced, professional staff will work with clients to help identify company safety and training challenges.

    Training occurs at HACC or your location. We design the schedule to minimize impact on your company's operations.

  • Train-the-Trainer Accident Reduction Program
    HACC's professional staff will work with existing company personnel to reduce your specific accident and injury trends. After examining those trends, a program will be customized to address these occurrences.

    If interested in learning more about this unique program, please contact Tim Sanden at 717-221-1357 or e-mail tjsanden@hacc.edu.

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