Nancy Rockey, HACC vice president of college and community development and Sen. Jeffrey Piccola R-15 Special initiative aims to provide job-training programs for the unemployed
March 23, 2009
HARRISBURG, PA – A special initiative providing short- and long-term training for dislocated workers was announced today by HACC Vice President for College and Community Development Nancy Rockey, and Sen. Jeffrey Piccola, R-15.
“As Central Pennsylvania’s primary resource for workforce development, HACC takes seriously its mission to provide the necessary education and training to create a skilled workforce to meet the needs of business and industry in the region,” said Rockey, noting the Targeted Retraining for Dislocated Workers plan is the product of a task force that HACC President Edna V. Baehre, Ph.D., convened earlier this year to address growing joblessness in the region.
“This plan is the result of effective partnerships created by HACC, business and industry leaders as well as state and regional governmental officials,” said Piccola, chairman of the Senate Education Committee. “By our region working together, this offers yet another avenue for people to get an inventory of available jobs, this making it a win-win situation for everyone,” Piccola added during a news conference held at HACC’s Midtown site at Third and Reily streets, Harrisburg.
“This plan provides targeted short-term and long-term training for jobs that are needed by employers in Central Pennsylvania,” said Rockey. “Many other community colleges in the commonwealth are waiving tuition for dislocated workers, but HACC is the only higher education institution that is also providing a targeted retraining program as part of the economic recovery plan.”
Rockey added, “We’re doing everything we can to eliminate out-of-pocket costs to the student, including helping students take full advantage of financial assistance available. At the same time, HACC continues to seek additional sources of funding to help fund the cost of retraining dislocated workers.”
HACC has outlined as many as 35 short- and long-term programs that can lead to jobs for successful graduates, with classes starting as early as April. Additional programs will begin this summer or next fall. Successful completion of a program does not guarantee employment, but does give graduates specific training to qualify for high-demand jobs in Central Pennsylvania.
Drawing on the resources of HACC personnel in Workforce and Economic Development, CareerLink personnel, and college administrators and faculty, the task force developed targeted retraining for dislocated workers.
“The HACC team consulted with business and industry partners to anticipate future workforce needs, met with our legislative partners for input about the needs of their constituents, and worked with faculty and staff partners to re-focus existing programs to meet those needs,” Rockey said.
Another valuable component in this vast partnership is HACC’s new role as the Title I training provider for Adult and Dislocated Workers Services through an agreement the South Central Workforce Investment Board’s CareerLink sites in the region. HACC employees at CareerLink are working closely with admissions and career counselors at the five regional campuses to expedite the process to begin re-training of dislocated workers.
In addition, HACC has added a section to its Web site with useful, handy information for anyone who is unemployed, underemployed or is concerned about continuing employment. For more information about HACC’s initiative for dislocated workers, go to or call toll-free 1-866-284-7635.
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