Jan. 9, 2008
HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, believes in offering students many scheduling options toward continuing their education. With that goal in mind, Lancaster Campus is expanding its offering of late start courses from eight to 12 for the spring semester.

Classes will begin the week of Feb. 18 for students who are unable to register in time for the Jan. 9 traditional start to the semester.

"Our primary motivation in offering the late start is to have another option for students," said Stuart Savin, vice president and dean of HACC's second largest campus. "If there are too many barriers for them to get into the classroom, it is likely for those students that they won't come back. Being able to help students trying to schedule classes and keep the momentum going is key to helping them reach their goals."

Students can enroll in 12 general education courses that meet core requirements including environmental science, career development, psychology, humanities, reading, math, English, computer applications, speech, sociology and self defense.

"We are offering a wide range of courses, but we want to make sure that students aren't taking narrowly focused courses," Savin added. "We want to keep in mind what the students need in terms of their individual program of study."

For information, instructions or to register for HACC Lancaster classes beginning the week of Feb. 18, call 358-2901 or click on the Website below.

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