April 8, 2008
City and county employees, downtown workers and others can take advantage of HACC's affordable quality education with general education and developmental courses offered this fall at Hotel Brunswick, 151 N. Queen St.

Get started on a college degree, finish up where you left off years ago or start on new skills to better market yourself by enrolling at this new neighborhood location of the Lancaster Campus of HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College. Classes will run Monday-Thursday evenings, starting at 5:30 p.m. on the week of Sept. 2. In addition to general education courses, such as math and English, and developmental courses, a Criminal Justice introductory course will be offered.

"We are targeting the city worker population" with the opening of this site, says Brad A. Wolf, Dean of Academic Affairs at the Lancaster Campus of HACC. "The Brunswick is uniquely located near the square and directly across from the new county offices. Large numbers of city and county employees are within a radius of a few blocks as are employees in the banks, law firms and other businesses."

The plan has the support of Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray, himself a HACC alumnus, and Lancaster County Commissioner Dennis Stuckey.

"It's exciting that HACC is bringing higher education to the heart of the city," Gray says. "It is an appropriate site particularly since employees who work downtown can remain downtown for classes."

He adds, "I think this is an exciting opportunity both for HACC and the employees."

Stuckey agrees: "It is great that we have a facility downtown that will provide opportunities for nontraditional students to start or finish their education. In today's world, it is important to have a formal education or technical education.

"HACC is providing a wonderful service" to those who work and live downtown, Stuckey continues, adding, "We appreciate HACC for the work they do."

"The role of HACC-Lancaster is to further educational opportunities throughout the community, and we see the opening of this site and other off-campus locations as continuing to meet our mission," says Stuart Savin, HACC Vice President and Dean of the Lancaster Campus.

"Making it easier to enroll in college-level courses helps us meet our obligation to the residents of Lancaster," he adds.

Hotel Brunswick is the second "neighborhood" site to host HACC courses starting this fall. Evening credit courses in math, English and other general education subjects also will be offered at Bright Side Opportunities Center, 515 Hershey Road.

HACC also is working with the Spanish American Civic Association to offer a menu of classes at La Academia at 30 N. Ann St. starting in January, Wolf says.

"We are looking forward to being able to partner with the Lancaster Campus of HACC," says Carlos Graupera, Executive Director of SACA. "This is the kind of partnership that offers adults in search of a second chance the opportunity to raise their skill levels and then be directed into a more formal program of a community college. Both of our efforts will serve our community very well. This is a great beginning," Graupera says.

"This is an effort by the college to meet the needs of the city population, which is an ethnically diverse community," Wolf says. "We feel many residents have the potential to be successful and we want to give them that opportunity."

"HACC is devoted to providing the proper academic support for students seeking a college education," Wolf says. The goal is to prepare students who successfully take courses at the three neighborhood locations - Hotel Brunswick, Bright Side Opportunities Center or Spanish American Association - to continue their education at the Lancaster Campus, 1641 Old Philadelphia Pike.

Registration is under way for fall classes, as well as summer sessions on campus. The cost is $188 per credit, which includes tuition and all fees. The cost per credit may go up slightly as of July 1, says Wolf.

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