Dec. 3, 2007
Remember when department stores went all out with impressive holiday window displays, not only here in Harrisburg at the old downtown Pomeroy's but in towns and cities around the globe? Macy's first moving figures were featured as far back as 1898, but it was the 1970s when the frenzy of competition and spectacular themes became the standard.

The tradition has been revived at HACC's Midtown II campus at Third and Reilly streets with six stunning window displays created to herald the holiday season. Contestants in the Midtown Window Decorating Contest are the Office of Multi-Cultural Affairs, Architecture students, Office of Academic Success, Geospatial Technology students, Radius gallery at the State Museum and BHET staff. The teams are responsible for their own materials.

The displays in the 6-by-7-foot windows will be scored by a panel of judges from the Midtown community during the week of Dec. 3. In addition, a People's Choice Award will be named based on votes placed during the 34th annual Candlelight House Tour.

Decorated windows during the holidays were a tradition at the former Evangelical Press building, which opened in 1918 and closed in 1970, according to Powers & Associates, LLC, which handled the restoration of the building for HACC. Reviving the tradition was inspired by requests of Midtown area residents and a suggestion from Powers & Associates.

The team whose window is judged as "best overall" will get a luncheon at Nonna's Delisioso from Powers & Associates. In addition, a plaque listing the winners will be created and updated annually.

"We had a wonderful response from the HACC community," said Sheila Ciotti, director of Student Services/Site Coordinator of HACC-Midtown. "The contestants are very excited and serious about the competition. I'm anxious to see the end results."

For more information about the 34th annual Candlelight House Tour in which the HACC-Midtown Holiday Windows and the historic Midtown neighborhood will be showcased, call 233-4646 or go to Historic Harrisburg.

All are invited to visit HACC's Midtown II building at Third and Reilly streets, Harrisburg, to view the windows.

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