July 10, 2007
A grant-funded Growing Greener project will soon transform outdoor spaces at the Gettysburg Campus of HACC. The plan focuses on the green space in the back of the campus and will implement Best Management Practices for storm water management.

Adams County Commissioners, the engineers of Buchart-Horn (of York) and campus officials have collaborated on a plan which accommodates upcoming renovations to the campus and meets the amount of grant funding available from the Department of Environmental Protection.

The project will now be re-bid, with a bid opening no later than July 25, work beginning in early August and completion by Sept. 30 – the deadline for the DEP grant.

"The goal was to transform a 1960s shopping center parking area, with its large volumes of storm water runoff carrying pollutants into the small waterway leading to Rock Creek behind our campus, into a space with grass, flowers and walkways," said Jennifer Weaver, dean of the Gettysburg Campus. "We had to make some necessary changes, but we're getting there. It has been a five-year collaborative partnership with Adams County Planning office, Adams County Commissioners, DEP, Environmental Protection Agency, Adams County Conservation District, Cumberland Township and HACC. This is great news that we can move forward – this is such a worthy project for the area."

When complete, the concrete drains behind the campus will be buried and the space sodded with grass. Brick planters with perennials will run the length of the building. A retention area along the stream will hold appropriate wetland species. Grass and indigenous flowering species will replace the weeds behind the rear parking lot. Along the rear corner adjacent to Weis Market property will be another retention area with planters and a brick walkway leading to the back of the campus. A water quality inlet will be constructed under a section of the front parking lot to filter runoff water that goes into the stream in the back of the campus.

The project will include informational signage and will serve as a demonstration site for HACC environmental science students and for the community. Along with its practical applications, the new green space will create a beautiful outdoor space for students and staff to enjoy.

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