April 18, 2007
Need assistance in making your yard the best it can be? Register for Introduction to Horticulture at the York Center of HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College. This course is part of the Practical Horticulture Training Certificate Program. You can start on your path to a certificate with this introductory course or enroll for your own personal enrichment. Either way, you will gain a broad knowledge about plants and how to help them thrive.

Introduction to Horticulture will provide the basics in plant identification, nomenclature, botany, soils, nutrients, fertilizers, pests, disease, propagation, composting, pruning, and balanced water gardens. Students will plant unknown seeds and identify the plant that is produced. They will learn how to propagate plants and build a terrarium. The course will be held on Thursdays from 6-9pm from May 3-31. Cost is $125.

Registration and information is available by accessing HACC's winter/spring issue of "Opportunities," a schedule of noncredit classes at www.hacc.edu/noncredit. Information and a copy of the class schedule also may be obtained by calling the York Campus of HACC at (717) 718-0328.

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