Nov. 14, 2006
Students at HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, will soon be able to access instructional materials for some of their courses through iPod portable media players. Two faculty members at HACC-Gettysburg Campus have been selected to participate in a collegewide podcasting project.

Diane Bittle, assistant professor-computer information systems, and Jason Rosenberry, assistant professor-mathematics, will be part of a college-wide team of instructors who will implement podcasting technology in selected courses during the pilot phase of the project.

Bittle, a resident of Fairfield, has been a full-time professor at HACC-Gettysburg since 1998; she teaches a variety of computer software and accounting courses. Rosenberry lives in Chambersburg and has been a full-time math professor at the campus for about three years and teaches courses ranging from basic mathematics developmental work to college-level trigonometry.

"We already provide courses which make use of advanced technology in conjunction with traditional course materials," said Bittle. "The Gettysburg campus has five classrooms equipped with SMART technologies. We also incorporate WebCT course management software in face-to-face classes as well as in virtual courses. Adding Podcasting ability will bring another new dimension to course delivery."

"With podcasting, my lecture notes, Power Point presentations - everything I do on the SMARTboard - can be recorded along with my voice," said Rosenberry. "Students will be able to download the information to a computer or a digital audio-video player any time, any where. They can go over the concepts as often as necessary, and - if they have to miss a class - they can review the lesson as if they had been there in person."

Podcasting is Web-based digital broadcasting which can encompass audio, music, video, text, and graphics content. During the HACC podcasting pilot project, technical support staff and selected faculty members from each of HACC's campuses will receive training in podcasting technology. Faculty members will learn how to create and distribute digital instructional materials and incorporate podcasting into the curriculum for specific courses.

The pilot project will also study the impact of podcasted instructional materials on student learning satisfaction, and build a foundation for determining whether podcasted instructional approaches increase student learning outcomes. The pilot project was developed by Qiquan Wang, HACC's director of instructional technology, and is funded through a HACC Special Initiatives Grant.

"The iPod they are using for this innovative project is the latest and greatest model on the market," said Shannon Harvey, associate dean of academic affairs at HACC-Gettysburg Campus. "The podcasting project provides students with access to state-of-the-art technology and correlates with the college's strategic plan goals to enhance and promote student achievement and academic excellence, and to enhance excellence in teaching."

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