March 4, 2006
Linda Lefevre, associate dean of HACC's business, hospitality, engineering and technologies division (BHET), was appointed by Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed to chair the curriculum committee for the Harrisburg Urban Studio project.

In this role, Lefevre coordinates Urban Studio activities and projects with the faculty from all of the project's participating architecture schools, including HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College, Penn State University and Morgan State University in Maryland.

HACC's central location is beneficial to her role, according to Lefevre, because she works closely with the City of Harrisburg to determine which projects will deliver the maximum benefit to faculty, students and the community.

"My job is to ensure that the design projects chosen by faculty align with their curriculum," said Lefevre, who added that the Urban Studio project is exciting because students have the opportunity to work with a variety of professional architects and engineers and participate in a real work experience. "The students also benefit from exposure to other architectural programs and faculty. In the case of HACC students, it provides them with contacts, if they choose to continue their education toward an advanced career."

Harrisburg Urban Studio was initiated in 2004 by Mayor Reed and modeled on Auburn University's Rural Studio. Members strive to improve the quality of the urban built environment of Harrisburg and meet the economic and social development needs of its citizens through research, education, community-service, and innovative and sustainable design using a multi-disciplinary approach. The Urban Studio seeks to integrate design education and practice by partnerships between colleges and universities in Pennsylvania and the Greater Harrisburg community, emphasizing both learning and community-service, applying theory to real projects, and training citizen planners, architects, and landscape architects.

Lefevre, of Harrisburg, who joined HACC in 1989, has served as associate dean of the BHET division since 2001. Prior to that she served in various positions involving the development and delivery of credit and noncredit training and education.

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