Feb. 9, 2005
The Walt Disney World College Program has selected Christina Laughard, a student at the Gettysburg Campus of HACC, to serve as a lifeguard cast member during its spring 2005 season.

Laughard, a business management and computer major, lives, works and takes classes at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, through May. The internship experience will provide her with an opportunity to develop leadership, time management, problem solving, communication, networking and other skills that are transferable to today's job market.

"It's not the actual job, but the skill and experiences that I will learn [that make it a great opportunity]," Laughard said, pointing out that she can also take college credit courses during her stay. "There is an organizational leadership class that I could take that is transferable to HACC."

While attending South Western High School, Hanover, Laughard served as a member of the swim team until her graduation in 2002. It was there that she returned to brush up on her skills before taking her Lifeguard Swim Test, a requirement for the internship. Laughard works monitoring the safety of Disney World guests, provides emergency medical attention and guest information. She also has opportunities working in other operating areas throughout the resort.

"I had to swim 200 yards non stop, doing either the freestyle or breaststroke. I did 100 yards of each," she said. "I also had to tread water without using my hands for two minutes and dive in and retrieve a 10 pound brick from eight to 12 feet of water."

Once she completes the Walt Disney World College Program, Laughard plans to return to HACC and complete her associate's degree.

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