Feb. 11, 2004

Spring 2004: More than 14,300 students across 4 campuses in Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster and Lebanon studying in credit classes.

2000 in distance education - online, video courses and compressed video.

50,000 in noncredit courses last year (2003) in areas such as job training, workforce and economic development, customized company contracts, public safety, technology trades, computer training, travel, and personal interest/hobbies/health.

More than 600 veterans, the second highest in the state, attend HACC. More than 500 are using some form of the Montgomery G.I. Bill. About 53 are on active duty in Iraq and other military assignments.

More than 130 degree, certificate or diploma programs.

11-county service area.

Largest provider of nursing and allied health professionals, law enforcement and other public safety personnel.

About half of HACC's students transfer to a large number of four-year colleges across the country. The remaining half study for a career leading to employment after earning an associate, certificate or diploma.

HACC provides students with:
High academic standards
Focus on student success
Lowest tuition in the area Scholarship awards


Small classes/individual attention from faculty
Honors Program for high achievers
Comprehensive learning resources, including onsite and online library and bookstore
State-of-the-art computer labs
Active Student Government Association, numerous student clubs, and student newspaper
Inter-collegiate sports, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, and soccer

Services that promote student success
First Choice: exclusive freshman orientation program for incoming high school grads
Focus on student success
Placement testing to promote student success in the classroom
Learning Center support
Free tutoring and academic workshops, including the Master Student program
Academic advising and career counseling
Transfer Center with resources to research four-year transfer schools

Open Door enrollment
For applicants at least 18 with high school diploma or GED
No SAT scores are necessary

Early Admission Program for High School Seniors

Qualified high school students can earn college credits, either on a full- or part-time basis, while completing their senior year of high school. It is possible for high school graduates to start their freshman year with as many as 12 college credits.

Adult Students
- Median range of age is 30-55 years old
- 60% are women, 40% are men
- Two-thirds live with a spouse and/or children
- Attend classes while holding a full-time or part-time job
- View education as a vehicle to success
- Interested in specific courses and programs
- Believe that HACC expands the educational opportunities of the local community
- Attend HACC to improve job skills, obtain career training and improve earning potential

Advancing a Career
As careers depend more and more upon the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, adults seek courses and programs to better prepare themselves, obtaining the skills and knowledge that will lead them to lucrative careers and high-demand employment opportunities.

Most HACC adult students are:

- Working toward career or transfer degree completion.
- Transferring college credits earned through previous study
- Employed full-time with educational benefits
- Studying year round on a part-time basis
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