May 7, 2004
Second-year culinary students at Harrisburg Area Community College have one final challenge before graduation: the Mystery Box Exam.

Students are gathering at 10:30am Monday, May 10, in Mumma Hall 250 for their directions. In a scene similar to The Food Network's Iron Chef, the soon-to-be graduates review their food items for the first time and formulate a four course meal. With no previous information about what ingredients are in the mystery baskets, students report to their lab stations at 11am. Food items may include proteins, greens, berries, nuts or dairy.

No recipes or books allowed in the kitchen - the class must draw from their abilities and two years of food service classes.

Cooking time is between 11am and 3pm. Students then present their four courses to a panel of industry chefs and invited guest evaluators.

HACC's Culinary Arts Program is accredited by The Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the only nationally recognized organization that grants regional accreditation to two and four-year colleges.

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