March 3, 2004

Those with already packed schedules during the week can complete most of what they need to get an associate's degree on weekends at Weekend College offered by Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC).

Classes for the spring semester of Weekend College on HACC's Wildwood Campus in Harrisburg start March 13. Enrollment is underway. Weekend College also is available during the fall semester.

Weekend College classes are scheduled on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Those attending can pursue associate's degree programs in Liberal Arts/Communications and the Arts, Liberal Arts/Social Science, and General Studies.

"We're proud to continue to develop education opportunities that fit every schedule," said Edna Baehre, Ph.D., president of the college.

"Programs like HACC's Weekend College make a college education easily attainable for even the busiest people," said Dr. Baehre. "Our students definitely have full lives. The majority also work while attending HACC, and 25 percent of all HACC students have children under the age of 10."

Since HACC opened its doors 40 years ago, its enrollment has grown to more than 15,000 students. In addition to the Wildwood Campus in Harrisburg, campuses have been established and are growing at a record pace in Lancaster, Lebanon and Gettysburg.

Campuses are open seven days a week, and online courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HACC also has the largest distance learning enrollment of any community college in Pennsylvania.

HACC is fully-accredited, and its credits transfer to colleges nationally. HACC currently has 40 formal transfer agreements. Dual admission programs also are available which allow students to enroll at HACC and a variety of four-year schools simultaneously. This eliminates the application process upon HACC graduation, ensures all credits will be transferable, and allows students to work with guidance counselors at both institutions.

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. More information may be obtained by calling the Wildwood Campus of HACC at 717-780-2400. A complete listing of HACC's spring courses and information about other programs is available by clicking on the Website below.

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