Dec. 7, 2004
HACC, central Pennsylvania's community college, will lead a Christmas tour through the nation's capital on Saturday, December 18, that includes Mount Vernon, Ford's Theater, dinner and the Festival of Lights.

The bus tour will depart HACC's Lebanon Campus at 5 a.m. and then travel to the Harrisburg Campus where it will pick up additional participants and depart for Washington, D.C. at 6 a.m. Following a quick stop for breakfast (which is not included in the cost), the first destination is Mount Vernon, home of George and Martha Washington. Participants will tour the estate, which is beautifully decorated as it may have been during the 18th century.

The group will then proceed to Ford's Theater for a production of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. After the play, the tour will visit at the World War II Memorial and other Mall attractions, as time allows. Finally, everyone will head to Georgetown for dinner.

On the trip home, the view will include the Festival of Lights, marking the conclusion of this special holiday tour.

Registration is required for the trip, which costs $140. No refunds are allowed. Due to limited ticket availability, register as soon as possible by calling 780-2414. HACC reserves the right to make itinerary changes as necessary.

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