May 3, 2004
In a scene similar to any of a number of popular television programs on the Home and Garden cable channel, fashion and design students from Harrisburg Area Community College presented a reading area for school children at the Londonderry School in Susquehanna Township. With only a few stipulations, the students created a book-friendly place by the picture window inside Londonderry's new school to the surprise and delight of students and teachers when it was unveiled this week.

"This is going to be well-used; what a surprise," said Pam Desch, a preschool aide at Londonderry. "It fits perfectly, bright colors and cheerful-we'll be spending many hours here."

"This is a wonderful addition for the kids," kindergarten teacher Suzanne Stiles added. "We're fortunate to have such community involvement like this."

Color and design instructor, Lori Morack, assigned the project as a way to fulfill a need for the preschoolers while giving practical experience for her class. Students discussed the parameters: environmentally-friendly materials and paint, a bench that sits low to the ground and capable of taking a lot of climbing and jumping. They divided into teams to design the nine-foot bench, painting, choosing fabric for pillows and outdoor mats, sewing and stuffing.

"Maybe you've seen Design on Dime, well, this is design on a nickel," said Morack. "We are thankful and fortunate that a lot of our materials were donated. The students did their homework and found materials that was durable, washable and bright."

The nine-foot bench fit just below the picture window with the bright, primary-colored pillows neatly arranged, for the two seconds before preschoolers and kindergartners were on the bench, ready for a story.

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