May 22, 2000
Harrisburg Area Community College was presented the Outstanding Developmental Program Award by the Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators (PADE) during its annual conference, held in Camp Hill. The award is given each year to an outstanding developmental program in Pennsylvania. Marguerite MacDonald, director of HACC's learning support services, accepted the award on behalf of the college

The award recognizes a developmental program in Pennsylvania that exemplifies the best of current practice in the field of developmental education. HACC's learning support services includes the ACT 101 program, learning (tutoring) center, the Office of Special Services, supplemental instruction, and the test center. These services provide opportunity for all students enrolled at HACC, especially developmental or at-risk students. Approximately 250 students are in the ACT 101 program, and about 250 students with special needs are registered with the Office of Special Services. More than 1600 students used the various labs in HACC's Learning Center. The Test Center, which opened last fall, administers academic make-up exams for students.

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