Sept. 16, 1999
A unique and innovative learning experience for elementary and middle school-aged children has begun with Harrisburg Area Community College and Voyager Expanded Learning, Inc., a Dallas-based company developed to help public schools achieve improvement in elementary and middle school education. HACC will provide the wide range of topics from Voyager's after-school programs, and coordinate curriculum, supplies, and training for teachers. The new program, that embraces children of all backgrounds and abilities, will be held at the schools where the children are enrolled.

Already in place in more than 1000 districts in 41 states, the Voyager After-School program, with HACC, offers area school children a learning experience that contributes to increased content knowledge, math and reading performance, and improved social development. Emphasis is placed on building student interest through hands-on learning and collaboration on the part of students and teachers. Teaching models are designed to nurture children's innate curiosity, using resources from institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution, NASA, Polaroid, and the Discovery Channel to create powerful curricula and a memorable experience for children.

HACC's initiative also provides the opportunity to improve academic performance at the best value. By taking part in after-school learning, students add the equivalent of one full semester to each school year--for one-sixth of the average annual cost of instruction per student.

The enrichment programs for the 1999-2000 academic year include:

  • SuccessCity USA - Careers, leadership, architecture, economics, ethics, business administration, applied mathematics, reading
  • SomethingWild - Biology, entomology, oceanography, ecology, reading, writing, mathematics
  • PreLaw - History, government, law, sociology, reading writing, mathematics
  • American Dream - History, government, sociology, reading, writing, and mathematics

For more information, or to inquire about bringing the Voyager After-School Program to a school, contact Louise Morgan, coordinator of Voyager After-School Programs, at the Harrisburg Area Community College at 780-2494.

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