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Former ITT students, HACC is here to help!

HACC has many resources available to help former ITT students achieve a successful HACC experience, including:

  • Affordable tuition
  • Scholarships
  • Tuition giveaways – Former ITT students who complete the online form below will be eligible to win $2,000 toward tuition for the spring and/or summer 2017 semesters at HACC.  This prize will cover the majority of HACC tuition and book costs for a full-time student for one semester.
  • More than 120 programs in a variety of fields, including a robust selection of trade and technology programs and 39 programs that are fully online
  • Services designed for student success
  • Options to earn HACC college credit by exam or from eligible life experience
  • An admissions counselor, Allen Norton, dedicated as the point of contact for former ITT students

For more information on how HACC can help and to register for the tuition giveaway, please complete the following form.

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For additional information, please contact Allen Norton, admissions counselor, by phone 717-780-2409 or email