HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, provides monetary program and event sponsorship support to organizations whose missions align with our mission of creating opportunities and transforming lives to shape the future – together. The College considers monetary sponsorship requests on a rolling basis. Please note that as we receive a number of these requests, we cannot fund all of them. We will consider your request and notify you of our decision within 10 business days. If your request is approved, please allow 30 business days after notification to receive your check. A check will be mailed to the name and address provided on this form.

Because of our mission and limited funds, we cannot support the following:

  • Any organization whose values are deemed to be in conflict with those of the College
  • Individuals
  • Pre-high school or youth athletic organizations, e.g. Little League, midget football, etc.
  • Organizations that discriminate in any way
  • Religious, political or lobbying groups

For advertising requests, please contact advertising@hacc.edu. For permission to use the HACC logo, please contact imcprojects@hacc.edu. 

When completing the form, please do not use commas with your numbers (i.e. 1000) or symbols, such as dollar signs.  

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