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Online Rhythm Meditation Session

Date:   Friday February 7, 2020
Time:   1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Location:    Online via Zoom: https://hacc.zoom.us/j/4538488280

Contact Name:    Madison Lucey
Contact Phone:   
Contact Email:    mrl39839@hawkmail.hacc.edu


The Virtual Learning Student Advisory Council (VLSAC) invites HACC students and empoyees to attend a free online rhythm meditation session on February 7, 1-1:45pm via Zoom at https://hacc.zoom.us/j/4538488280. The session, led by Dani Fiore, Owner of Life in Rhythm, is designed to reduce stress, increase emotional health and improve self-awareness.



Sponsored by:  Virtual Learning Student Advisory Council (VLSAC)
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