Events for Monday, Apr 08, 2019

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Color and Sip Activity at the Harrisburg Campus

Our stress & anxiety management workshops are much more than tips and techniques for relieving stress. We provide necessary skills for identifying and managing the sources of stress, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The foundations for this stress management framework are in learning to take ownership for proactively managing every difficult situation you encounter at school and in your personal life.


  • Feb. 4 Session I. What’s Stressing you Out?

  • Feb. 11 Session II. When Stress is more than you can Handle

  • Feb. 18 Session III. Cognitive Behavioral Reframing your Thinking

  • Feb. 25 Session IV. Fun Activities as we approach MIDTERMS

  • March 11 Session V. Coping Skills to Deal with Stress

  • March 18 Session VI. Activities to Relax

  • March 25 Session VII. The Labyrinth (Walking involved) meet outside of Cooper 219

  • April 1 Session VIII. Making Connections to Deal with Stress

  • April 8 Session IX. Color and Sip Activity

  • April 15 Session X. Fun Activities as we approach FINALS

RSVP preferred due to space limitation. Please include your name, HACCid and the workshop, date/time you plan to attend. Please use this link. To sign up. If faculty are interested in bringing a class, please email or call 212422. Email –

Lancaster Campus, Sixth Annual Lancaster Campus Humanities Symposium - Entitled: Change

Monday, April 8th:  Schedule of Events in East 203

9:30AM-10:45AM Within You, Without You: Perspective and Change

  • This session invies participants to explore "change" - both literal and perceived--in prose and poetry.  After a brief presentation, participants will have the opportunity to write and share their own original pieces.  Prompts will be available for writers to experiment with.  Presented by:  Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt, Professor

11:00AM-12:15PM  -  Ovid's Metamorphoses: Literature Inspires Art

  • The Metamorphoses, the work of the first-centry Roman author Ovid, had a profound effect on Renaissance painters.  This session will expore the content of this Latin text by illustrating various painters' interpretations of selected transformations.  Presented by:  Dennis B. Wimer, Adjunct Professor in Humanities

12:30PM-1:45PM  -  Rap: Notes of Change

  • Rap music has undergone significant change since first heard in the 1970s with artists such as Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash.  In this session, we will trace the development of rap music, lyrics, image and artists.  Come ready to listen, watch and analyze classic as well as modern rap songs!  Presented by:  Jill Graybill, Adjunct Music Instructor

2PM-2:50PM  -  Just for Fun: Why It's Time to Try Something New

  • This presentation will uncover the hidden benefits of having a hobby.  Presented by:  Hetal Thaker, Assistant Professor

3:00PM-4:15PM  -  Bhutan: to Change or Not to Change?

  • This presentation will explore the opening of Bhutan to the modern world over the last 50 years or so.  This country was never colonized by a western power, and maintained a basically feudal society well into the mid-20th century.  The governments of Bhutan have been deliberately cautious in the modernization of the country.  The presentation was inspired by a visit to the country in the fall of 2018 - photographs taken during this visit will be part of the presentation..  Presented by:  Dr. Stock, Assistant Professor of Physics and Chemistry

4:30PM-6:00PM  -  Lindsey Pei:  "Luminaria"

  • Art Reception in Art Space, East Building:  Lecture in East 203 from 5:00-5:30PM.
  • Lindsey Pei is an artist, watchmaker, and micromechanic.  As the founder of Ornament Incarnate, she invents, designs, and fabricates her own miniature mechanical automata.  In contrast to the tiny scale of her work in metal, she also loves to build large scale illuminated, often kinetic, magical creatures, usually made out of fabric stretched over a wire or welded armature.  This is the inspiration for "Luminaria". 

6:00PM-7:15PM  -  Grrr Arrgh: The Changing Face of Fear

  • This presentation will explore the many faces of fear from classical literature to modern American film.  Creatures/monsters discussed will include Proteus, Medusa, dopplegangers, vampires, werewolves, and psychopaths..  Presented by:  Matthew Eberhart and Seth Martin, both Associate Professors of English.