Events for Wednesday, Apr 10, 2019

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Building Healthy Relationships, Children, Harrisburg Campus

This workshop/group is based on chapters from Nan Silver, renowned Clinical Psychologist and John Gottman’s Relationship Researcher’s Book “Seven Principles to making Marriage Work”

Participants will have an opportunity to explore the skills needed to cultivate a solid intimate relationship when they develop one or in the one that currently exist. You do not need to be in a relationship to learn how to build a healthy one. All are Welcome!

  • Feb. 6 Session I. Emotional Connections

  • Feb. 13 Session II. Satisfaction & Romance (Valentine’s Day is tomorrow)

  • Feb. 20 Session III. Stress Emotional Disengagement, Chaos & Control

  • Feb. 27 Session IV. Emotional or Sexual Affairs, Trust & Commitment

  • March 13 Session V. Basic Values & Goals, Shared Meaning & Roles

  • March 20 Session VI. Jealousy

  • March 27 Session VII. Financial Issues

  • April 3 Session VIII. Domestic Violence, Degradation & Humiliation

  • April 10 Session IX. Children

  • April 17 Session X. Spirituality & Religion

  • April 24 Session XI. Have Fun Together


RSVP preferred due to space limitation. Please include your name, HACCid and the workshop, date/time you plan to attend. Please use this link. To sign up. If faculty are interested in bringing a class, please email or call 212422. Email –


Lancaster Campus, Sixth Annual Humanities Symposium - Entitled: Change

Wednesday, April 10th:  Schedule of Events in East 203

9:30AM-10:45AM  -  Artists on the Cusp

  • Throughout the ages certain artists have broken through tradition to forge new pathways.  These artists bring about ways of perceiving and representing the world that had not been seen previously.  The focus of this talk will be on twentieth-century Western artists, such as Gustav Klimt, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso, each of whom have set the world alight on a roller coaster of artistic creativity.  Presented by:  Ilene Rosenberg, Adjunct Professor of Art History and Humanities

11:00AM-11:50AM  -  Language is Queer: Adopting a New Non Binary Pronoun

  • This presentation will explore the need for a non gendered pronoun and the possible solutions to the problem.  Current research and theories about the topic will be presented providing the audience with a deeper understanding of why and how our language should be Queer.  Presented by:  Jennifer Angstadt, Adjunct Instructor of English


11:50AM-12:30PM  -  Enjoy refreshments and explore your creative side at the Transformation craft Stations


12:30-1:45PM  -  Gen Z Rising: Embracing the Change

  • This session explores the unique characteristics of Generation Z.  Following a brief contrast of prior generations, the session outlines best mechanisms to academically engage Gen Z.  A student panel provides the audience with an interactive forum before closing the session.  Presented by:  Jennifer St. Pierre, Associate Professor of Sociology; Cristina Julan, Assistant Professor of Computer Technology; Sarah Jacobson, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Honors Program Coordinator

2PM-3:15PM  -  Grrr Arrgh: The Changing Face of Fear

  • This presentation will explore the many faces of fear from classical literature to modern American film.  Creatures/monsters discussed will include Proteus, Medusa, dopplegangers, vampiers, werewolves, and psychpaths..  Presented by:  Matthew Eberhart, Associate Professor of English; Seth Martin, Associate Professor of English

3:30PM-4:30PM - The Changing Face of...: Part One "Speed" presentations

  • The Changing Face of Privacy Presented by: Steven Lustig, J.D., Associate Professor
  • The Changing Face of Memory - Presented by: Jeffrey Ihlenfeldt, Professor

4:30PM-5:30PM -  The Changing Face of...: Part Two: "Speed" presentations

  • The Changing Face of Heroes - Presented by: Cindy Rose, Associate Professor of Humanities
  • The Changing Face of War Presented by:  Matthew Ebertart, Associate Professor of English

6:00PM-7:00PM - How Poetry Can Change the World (If Everyone Would Read It)

  • This session will attempt to turn everyone into avid readers of poetry because, really, what else is more important or as beautiful and rewarding?  At least I hope to provide how important reading poetry is to our spirits and human interaction.  Presented by:  Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Professor of English

7:00PM-8:30PM - Voices of Change:  A Coffeehouse hosted by Voices Literary Magazine

  • For students and faculty interested in presenting a reading from poetry, literature, drama or performance of music, dance, or theater on the theme of Change.

Contact Matthew Eberhart ( or Cindy Rose ( for more information about the Coffeehouse.