As a HACC student...

Our HACC students have achieved many local, regional, national and international honors. These include student and professional competitions, Pulitzer Prize nominations and National Press Photographers Photographer of the Year.

Top photo by Davey Rudy
Photo on right by Erik Strickland

Meet our Faculty

Our faculty are comprised of a dynamic mix of distinguished artists and real-world working professionals in their field. What we all share in common is a sincere caring for our students, their lives and their futures. HACC Photography takes pride in diversity and inclusivity.


Why Consider HACC?

HACC Photography is one of the great values in photographic education. Our alumni include photojournalists, freelance, wedding and portrait photographers, educators and entrepreneurs. Students also transfer to top photography institutions and others pursue their passion in photography for personal expression.
Photo on right by Shari Ferguson.

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What We Offer/Facilities/Labs

Our world class photography facilities benefit students who  experience a range of exhibitions, cultural events, workshops, lectures, field trips and demonstrations.

In addition, students have multiple opportunities to exhibit work in the Student Honor’s Shows in the Rose Lehrman Art Center Gallery.
Photo on left by Andrew Babin

What You’ll Need For Class

Students in the Photography AFA and Photography Certificate Programs need a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) with a zoom lens. Some photography classes require textbooks and expendable photographic materials, varying by class and student. Harrisburg Area Community College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Most of the nation’s major art programs and art schools are accredited by NASAD. Of the 1462 community colleges in the United States, less than 20 have NASAD accreditation. HACC Programs in Art, Graphic & Interactive Design, and Photography complete periodic peer review processes to remain accredited and to achieve and maintain NASAD’s stringent criteria for our students.

Some of What You’ll Do

ART115 - Beginning Digital Photography

Art 115 is the first course when starting Photography at HACC. While some students have little background in digital photography, others have more experience. Everyone is brought up to speed in understanding our state-of-the art digital photography facility. Topics include digital camera operations, editing, the digital darkroom and the visual elements of design.

Photo by Amy Rieg

ART116 - Silver Gelatin Photography

Art 116 is a darkroom photography course, shooting black and white film. Topics include shooting and developing film, printing, creative and fun darkroom techniques, photojournalism and further exploration of the visual elements of photographic design. Film cameras are available for check out.

Photo by Amy Rieg

ART201 - Color Photography

Art 201 provides students a visual design workshop to explore their visual awareness and sensitivity. Through sophisticated lectures and darkroom sessions, students are able to study and apply color theory, work with color negatives and transparencies and print images in their private color darkroom. Film cameras are available for check out.

Photo by Amy Rieg

ART205 - Color Digital Photography

Art 205 is a digital color photography course in which students shoot challenging assignments and further their skills in digital printing and scanning. They also publish their own digital photography book, shoot on-location and create a digital slide show with music. Students must complete a cohesive self-chosen body of work, culminating with major critique.

Photo by Amy Rieg

ART206 - Studio Photography

Art 206 encompasses creative photographic lighting, conducted in our state-of-the-art Photographic Studio. After professional lecture and demonstration, students select their most convenient time slots to execute real world assignments and challenges in photographic lighting and problem solving. Assignments can range from portraiture, table top, location, fashion and fine art.

Photo by Forrest Brackbill

ART209 - Photography Seminar

Art 209 provides students with marketing, self-promotional, and resume skills, along with the opportunity to refine their portfolios for the work place, transfer institutions, exhibitions or personal growth. Students also create a professional business, transfer or life plan with timeline for achieving their goals.

Photo by Erik Strickland