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Program Closure

Program Closure

Updated: March 27, 2023

Our goal is to help our students succeed during their time at HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, and afterward.

To make sure we offer students the programs that meet the needs of communities and industries, the College reviews its programs every four years. As part of this review process, student enrollment, local labor and job market data, skills to work in the field and transfer partnerships, are analyzed.

Unfortunately, there are times when programs are no longer in regional demand. Therefore, they are not sustainable and must be discontinued.

While some program closures must occur, our goal is to ensure they do not adversely impact our students. We understand this may come as a surprise and individuals may have questions and concerns. We are sorry for any worry this decision may cause our students, employees and community partners. Our goal is to ensure these program closures do not adversely impact any of you.

Please review details about program closures below. Thank you.

Gerontology Diploma, Certificate and Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Programs

After much consideration, the Gerontology Diploma, Gerontology Certificate and Gerontology Associate in Applied Science (AAS) programs at HACC will be closed in summer 2023.

Why are the programs closing?
During the review of these programs, the College determined they are not sustainable and must be discontinued. Individuals interested in gerontology are entering the field through health care professions and human services fields - which are programs we offer at HACC. Therefore, the most appropriate action is to close the program.

I’m a current student in the program. What does this mean for me?

  • As a current student in the program, you have the opportunity to complete the program through the spring 2025 semester.
  • To help guide you through the completion of the program, a schedule will be provided to you via email and written letter. We highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to review this schedule and develop your personalized plan to get you to graduation.
  • All of us, including your academic advisor and professors, are committed to ensuring you have a clear pathway and support to attain your degree, diploma or certificate by spring 2025. We are here to help you.
  • If you have taken fewer than two gerontology courses, you may be unable to complete the current program by spring 2025. In those instances, please discuss your options with your advisor. We have other programs to support your interest in elder care, including healthcare management and human services.

I am a future student who is interested in elder care. What are my options at HACC?
While no new students will be accepted into the gerontology programs beginning spring 2023, we have other program options to support your interest in elder care, including healthcare management and human services.

People who work in gerontology are entering those careers through health care and human services professions.

Please contact our admissions team to discuss YOUR future at HACC.

I already graduated from the program. Will my credential be impacted?
Please know this change does not impact the credential you earned at HACC.