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General Studies (7606)

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General Studies - Associate in Applied Science (AAS) (7606)

You may have a specific career goal that requires a broad set of skills in which specifec-designed programs of study are not available in regular programs, or you are undecided on your career path. If that describes you, then perhaps our General Studies Associates in Applied Science (AAS) program is for you!

Our admissions counselors are eager to help you learn more about our General Studies program.

Our General Studies program is designed to offer a level of flexibility that is not available in other programs, but does  require some careful planning to ensure that your career needs are met.

In this program you will gain a foundation in knowledge and skills within seven majors areas of general education:

  • Communication
  • Quantitative,
  • Information
  • Technology Literacy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Cultural Awareness

Students select courses in the Humanities and Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Mathematics, Natural and Physical Sciences, Computer Literacy, and Wellness round out your curriculum, you are then able to select 30-credits of coursework tailored to address your career needs and interests.  Program electives are selected from courses 100-level or above.


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Our professors understand that you may not yet know the direction you want to go with your education. We designed our General Studies program to give you a well-rounded foundation that will help you find your passion. It is important that you select your courses in consultation with your advisor to make sure that courses selected meet your career goals. It is also important that you enroll in this program as soon as you can or, at least, after you have completed the first 15 credits of study. No “0” level courses are applicable for graduation.

After completing our program and receiving your associate degree, you will know how to:

  • Appropriately and correctly use numerical data appropriate to the task
  • Create and express ideas in speaking and writing in a clear, organized manner appropriate for the intended audience
  • Problem solve, create and evaluate through the following general education goals: information literacy, technology literacy, cultural awareness, communication and quantitative literacy
  • Effectively use and apply technology appropriate to the task
  • Access, evaluate and cite sources to meet information needs
  • Investigate issues related to global interdependence and reflect upon their impact as global citizens


  • View summaries of every course at HACC by browsing our class schedules database.
  • Review our program guide (pdf) to view a list of required courses, recommended course sequencing and program competencies.

After graduating from our two-year General Studies program, you can choose to enter the workforce or transfer your courses to another school. Affordably YOURS, our programs are flexible enough to transfer to a wide variety of four-year colleges and universities with no loss of credit. However, each individual college has their own unique program. We encourage you to select a four-year school as soon as possible. This will allow you to learn the transfer college’s program requirements so you can take the proper classes at HACC.

Browse the list below to find the transfer options for students in the General Studies program:

Albright College -Degree Completion Program: General Program Course Equivalencies (pdf)
Millersville University of PA: Program to Program Advising Check Sheets (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Mathematics Secondary Education Certification (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: English Secondary Education Certification (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Social Studies Secondary Education Certification (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Human Development & Family Studies (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: American Studies (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Information Sciences & Technology (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Security & Risk Analysis (pdf)
Penn State Harrisburg: Science (pdf)
Penn State Mont Alto: Program to Program Agreements (pdf)
Shippensburg University of PA: Communication, Journalism, & Media or Communication Studies (pdf)
Slippery Rock University of PA: Health and Physical Education Teaching Certification (pdf)
Slippery Rock University of PA: English Secondary Education Certification (pdf)
Slippery Rock University of PA: History Secondary Education Certification (pdf)
Slippery Rock University of PA: Social Work (pdf)
Thomas Jefferson University: Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences Pre-Requisite Guide (pdf)
West Chester University of PA: BS Nutrition: Dietetics Concentration (pdf)
West Chester University of PA: BS Nutrition: Lifestyle Nutrition Concentration (pdf)
West Chester University of PA: BS Nutrition: Sustainable Food Systems Management (pdf)
West Chester University of PA: Nutrition: General Studies or Health Sciences Course by Course Guide (A.A.S.) (pdf)
York College of Pennsylvania: Early Childhood-Elementary Education, (PK-4) and Early Childhood/Special Education (pdf)
York College of Pennsylvania: Professional Writing (pdf)

You may complete this program at our Harrisburg,Lancaster and York campuses through on-campus/in-person instruction. You may also complete this program at the Gettysburg Campus through various modalities (e.g.,on-campus/in-person instruction, hybrid, synchronous remote instruction and/or asynchronous instruction). Students may attend full-time or part-time during the day or in the evening.

Yes! We offer many scholarships through the HACC Foundation. Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements. To learn how to apply, please visit

You can apply for the General Studies program anytime by submitting your application on our website. We offer classes in the spring, summer and fall. Please include the program code 7606, which is unique to General Studies with your application. This code will ensure you apply for the correct program.


Future students, we are excited to connect with you and answer your questions. Please choose the option that works best for you to meet with us.

Current HACC students, please contact our Advising Department with any questions.