Paying For School

Refund Request

Student Refund Requests - Non Financial Aid Related:
Students can request a refund prior the current term's main financial aid disbursement date when an overpayment is generated on his/her account in the following scenarios:
1. Student paid with personal funds (non-financial aid related) in full on or prior to the current term's tuition due date and withdrew from class(es) within the refund period and before drop/add period has closed or;
2. Student presented a valid Certificate of Residency to the College for the current fiscal year causing an overpayment on student account.  
If students meet one of these criteria, students can request a refund by completing the Refund Request Form (pdf) and submitting it to their Campus Welcome Center.  All refund requests require the College's approval.
Approved refunds will be disbursed in the following order: to the credit card used for payment, if on file; Higher One refund preference; or check (limited circumstances).
General Refund Guidelines:
1.  A refund will not be issued on any account with pending or authorized financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants) prior to the applicable term financial aid disbursement date, regardless of how refund was generated.
2.  Refunds will not be issued to any student once the account is paid in full, unless classes are dropped within the applicable terms refund period.  In addition, students will not be permitted to sign up for the HACC Payment Plan after an account is paid in full.
3.  Refunds will not be issued to any student making a payment on account with a balance, regardless of whether the payment was submitted before the tuition due date for the term the payment was applied.
4.  All refunds are issued to the student regardless if student or parent submits payment unless payment is made by credit card, then we issue refund to the paying credit card.
5.  A refund generated by a PLUS loan will be issued to the name on the loan.
6.  There is a 10 business day waiting period for payment by check.  Any refund associated from a check payment will not be processed until 10 business days have past since presentation of check to College.
7. 3rd Party/Employer Contracts:
a. Financial Aid Loan generated refunds are issued to the student during financial aid disbursement less any charges not covered in the contract.  Grants and scholarships are applied to the cost of attendance with a few exceptions.
b. Refunds generated from 3rd party sponsors will not be issued until payment is received from the 3rd Party.
c. Questionable charges on account will be withheld from financial aid loan funds and refunded if paid by 3rd party.  The College determines questionable charges based on 3rd Party Agreements, typically, they are items student's charge to their account at the bookstore which may not be paid in accordance with the 3rd Party Agreement.