About HACC

Your 15 minutes of fame!

Greetings!Charlotte Fiehn

We are very proud of our students, parents and partners at HACC and would like to share information about you with others.

Your story may be included in the following:

  • Ads (including radio and TV)
  • Email
  • Billboards
  • Mailings (including letters and postcards)
  • PostersDaniel Ally
  • Publications (including annual reports, catalogs, class schedules, fliers, newsletters and student handbooks)
  • Social media sites (including Facebook and Twitter)
  • Websites (HACC and HACC Foundation)

If you are interested in being featured in any of these ways, please:

  1. Complete the questionnaire, including selecting the appropriate category
    Note: please be sure to select the "Submit" button at the end of the survey.
  2. Email a photo of yourself to releaseform@hacc.edu

Please keep these points in mind when submitting your photo:

  • See the examples at right that illustrate the types of photos that can be used in marketing materials.
  • The dot per inch (dpi) should not be less than 150 dpi. A Torregrossaphoto saved from the web will be small (at 72 dpi) and cannot be used.
  • A 4-by-6 inch or 5-by-7 inch photo is recommended.
  • A comfortable, casual image with you looking at the camera is ideal. A selfie is not ideal.
  • Have fun!

We will be unable to use your story without the completed questionnaire and photograph. Both items are required.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at releaseform@hacc.edu.

Thank you!