HACC Students

Transfer Agreements

HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College (HACC) communicates extensively with a large number of transfer institutions to assure efficient student transfer. As a result of this communication, we have entered into a variety of agreements with several colleges.

Admission Agreements (pdf).

Dual Admission
A Dual Admission agreement is a cooperative partnership between HACC and a 4-year college or university that facilitates the admission process for students interested in pursuing their bachelor degree. The agreement prepares HACC students to transfer their associate degree credits into a bachelor degree program with no loss of time or money, providing the student maintains the required academic standard and follows the requirements of a program parallel to the desired transfer program. There are currently 15 colleges and universities that students can choose from for a Dual Admission Agreement. For more information on Dual Admissions, check out the information here Dual Admission Information. (pdf)

Articulation Agreements, the next level of agreement, prepares a student who completes an Associate Degree at HACC, in a program parallel to the desired transfer program, to be admitted to any institution with whom we have an articulation agreement. Admission into a particular major could have a GPA requirement higher than admission to the college.

Transfer Information
Transfer Agreements, a third level of agreement, provides students with the transfer details necessary to plan efficient transfer at the discretion of the student and the institution.