Although HACC campuses will remain closed until Aug. 12, 2021, select art, photography and theatre courses will include
certain hands-on components to be fulfilled within our performance, lab and studio spaces.


As a HACC student...

As a HACC theatre student, you’ll join a large and supportive family. We pride ourselves on embracing the collaborative nature of our art while preparing students for a successful career in the profession. The size of our program provides multiple opportunities each semester to develop skillsets in performance, design and technology.

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Meet our Faculty

HACC’s theatre faculty have long histories as working professionals in the industry. Highly collaborative in nature, they are dedicated to teaching marketable skills, and committed to providing an outstanding educational experience that prepares their students to become working artists in all aspects of theatre production. Join our tribe!

Students Acting on a Stage

Why Consider HACC?

You will receive outstanding training at a very affordable price. Our AFA program is structured so that students can easily transfer into a BFA or BA degree program, or transition directly into the workforce. Students can choose to focus upon performance training, theatre design and technology, or a combination of the two. Our internship program creates pathways for working in regional professional theatres. You will graduate with a resume or portfolio that highlights your skills, training and production experience. You will be part of our tribe!

Facilities in Theatre

What We Offer/Facilities/Labs

Our facilities are top notch with two indoor theatres that include a 380 seat proscenium theatre, a 150 seat black box theatre and an outdoor performance space. Smaller class sizes allow for individualized attention that caters to the unique attributes of the individual artist. You will be mentored by highly skilled and dedicated faculty who represent all theatre professions, including:

  • Acting
  • Design (costume, scenic, lighting, sound, props, puppetry)
  • Stage Management
  • Arts Administration
  • Theatre history, theory and criticism
  • Playwriting

What You’ll Need For Class

As part of course requirements, students are expected to attend area theatre productions at venues outside the college. Obtaining tickets to these productions may incur a ticket fee, although students are provided with opportunities, when possible, to attend productions at a reduced or no-cost.

Some of What You’ll Do

THTR 110 - Intro to Acting:

Learn the foundational skills of acting through improvisation and exploratory participation. Gain self-awareness while building communication skills that will enhance your social, professional and personal relationships. Acting supports emotional intelligence, emphasizes collaboration, encourages creative thinking and will boost your confidence when interacting with individuals and in front of groups. This course is open to all students and satisfies the General Education requirements for most majors.

THTR134 - Acting for the Camera

Introduces students to the basic differences between the acting styles used in film versus those used in theatre. This course presents the fundamentals for auditioning and performing on-camera with a specific focus on sight-reading, vocal quality, physical preparation, commercial presentation and scene work.


THTR 142 - Scenic Design

Students gain practical design experience while first learning hand-drafting techniques, then create scenic designs using computer drafting. Carpentry skills are incorporated as students use various power tools in the Scene Shop and get their hands dirty as they tackle scenic painting techniques. Successful students work in the industry as scenic and interior artists/designers.


THTR144 - Costuming for the Theatre

Introduces the study and practical application of costume construction techniques. The course covers fabric study, patterning, draping, fitting and script analysis. A course fee is required. Prerequisite:MATH 008 with a grade of C or higher; or placement through the College Testing and Placement program.


THTR147, 148, 149 - Theatre Practicums

Introduces students to theatre production through practical, hands-on experiences. This course is the first of three practicum experiences in which students must participate in a HACC theatre production working within one of the following areas: acting, technical and/or front of house.


THTR 229 - Theatre in London & Dublin

Join your peers and professor for an amazing adventure that combines learning and tourism! You’ll spend the first week in London exploring one of the greatest theatre cities in the world and attending professional performances. Travel with your group into the countryside to visit iconic places such as Stonehenge and Shakespeare’s hometown. Jet off to Dublin for a few more days to take in the sights and sounds of Irish culture. Earn three college credits while expanding your understanding of world theatre!

THTR143, 243, 282 - Makeup

THTR 143 - Theatre Makeup
THTR 243 - FX Makeup for Film 
TV THTR 282 -Airbrushing for Film and TV

Our makeup classes train students in the art of makeup design and application for theatre stages of all sizes, and camera work that is common in the television and film industry. Class size is small to enhance your experience within our laboratory environment.

THTR146 - Stage Lighting

This course combines the nuts and bolts of stage lighting with the ART of light to help prepare you to be a designer or a master electrician on a production. A final project in the class requires each student to program their own mini “show” to their choice of music. Learn to paint with light!