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As a HACC student...

You’ll be welcomed into a creative, energetic environment and provided the opportunity to engage with the arts community at large. HACC hosts gallery exhibitions, artist lectures and excursions to museums and art centers. Students can also gain experience in exhibiting their own work through our student honors exhibition.

Art Faculty

Meet our Faculty

Our dedicated faculty members are experts in their fields and are committed to the success of our students. Art faculty have either advanced degrees or many years of work-related experience in their respective fields. Instructors provide a nurturing atmosphere with small class sizes. This allows instructors to identify student strengths and develop a customized approach to learning. Students build a strong foundation in the arts and gain confidence for a successful career.

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Why Consider HACC?

There is no portfolio review for admission, regardless of your previous preparation, if you have the passion to study the arts, we will provide the foundation for success. HACC offers visual art classes at all four campuses. The full program is located our Harrisburg and York campuses.

HACC is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). Most of the nation’s major art programs and art schools are accredited by NASAD. Of the 1,462 community colleges in the United States, less than 20 have NASAD accreditation. HACC Programs in Art, Graphic & Interactive Design, and Photography complete periodic peer review processes to remain accredited and to achieve and maintain NASAD’s stringent criteria for our students.

Art Facilities

What We Offer/Facilities/Labs

The Rose Lehrman Arts Building is the College’s center of artistic creativity and expression. Here you will find outstanding studio facilities for ceramics, drawing, painting, glass, jewelry and metalsmithing, printmaking and three-dimensional design. Live in the Lancaster or York area? The full AA program is offered in studios at our York campus, and you can join us on our Lancaster campus for a 2D design or drawing class. Professional art galleries are located on three of our campuses, bringing the buzz of the art world to your doorstep.

What You’ll Need For Class

Art studio courses require an additional cost for art supplies and materials. These vary by class and range from $40 - $120. Course supply kits can be purchased through the bookstore using financial aid if applicable.

Some of What You’ll Do

ART107 - Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Design

In this course students will learn the foundations of good three-dimensional design by applying the elements and principles of design to the 3D realm. Students will work with a variety of materials (metal, plaster, clay, PVC, wood, etc.) as they work through concepts and produce a body of work. Students will learn visual organization, shaping space and creative and technical problem solving. Successful students can apply these concepts to sculpture, industrial design and product design.

Artwork by Natalie Manchorov

ART113 - Printmaking

This course provides an introduction to a variety of printmaking techniques including; etching and printing images from metal plates, carving and printing images from a variety of flat surfaces including; wood, linoleum and PVC board as well as screen printing onto paper and textiles. Students will become aware of some of the directions that contemporary artists have pursued in printmaking and learn to use art history as a resource for the development of a personal direction.

Artwork by Zack Rudy

ART121 – Drawing 1

Build strong foundational drawing skills that will support you throughout your career. Students explore a range of drawing concepts and techniques that includes the effective use of line, mass, value, composition and perspective. Working from observation, students apply these concepts and techniques through the study of still-life and the nude human figure.

Artwork by Brook Ramsey

ART131 – Painting 1

Our painting class introduces students to the basic techniques and concepts used in oil painting. Students apply skills through the study of still-life, interior spaces, portraiture and the human figure.

Artwork by Noel C. Fry

ART151 – Ceramics 1

In this foundational ceramic course students learn basic hand-building and wheel throwing methods with an emphasis on process, history and contemporary issues in clay. Students will learn glazing and kiln firing in both electric and gas kilns.

Artwork by Janelle Hoch

ART171 – Jewelry and Metal Design 1

This course provides students an opportunity to develop skills in the design and production of jewelry and metalwork. Students will learn how to fabricate jewelry and metal work from semi-precious and non-ferrous sheet metal using sawing and forming techniques. Other techniques include silver soldering, cabochon stone setting, riveting, patinas and lost wax metal casting.

Artwork by Alison Rowe

ART191 - Glass

Learn the art, aesthetics, and methods of glass working! This course covers the theory and techniques of blowing, fusing, casting and cold working glass.

Artwork by Ethan McLaren

Art 181 - Art Through the Ages

This course studies the history of art and architecture from prehistory through the end of the Middle Ages. Students will learn how different factors such as religion, geography, politics and more have influenced art and architecture over the millennia. 

Photograph by Gloria Mast